Total Waste of Money According to Interior Designers: Avoid These Costly Decor Blunders Total Waste of Money According to Interior Designers: Avoid These Costly Decor Blunders

Total Waste of Money According to Interior Designers: Avoid These Costly Decor Blunders

Selecting the right furniture and decor is essential, with certain critical pieces like mattresses and sofas deserving a more significant investment due to their impact on comfort and daily life. However, interior designers consistently advise that many home items can be sourced more economically without compromising style or functionality. This approach saves money and aligns with the shift towards more sustainable interior design practices.

As design trends evolve, the temptation to splurge on the latest styles can be strong, but it’s not always necessary. Paint, for instance, can refresh a space without a complete overhaul. Expert interior designers suggest a strategic approach to home decorating that focuses on longevity and versatility, ensuring that each purchase is worth its cost and contributes positively to the living space.


Rugs significantly influence the aesthetic of any room, yet their cost needn’t be exorbitant. Opulent rugs such as handwoven Persian or traditional oriental pieces are undoubtedly appealing; however, they are often expensive. Resourceful interior designers recommend exploring online retailers like Wayfair or Rugs USA for quality alternatives.

Budget-Friendly Decor:

  • High-quality rugs at affordable prices
  • Flexibility to refresh decor every few years
  • Online purchases offer variety and convenience

Investing in less expensive rugs provides more flexibility in changing room decor without financial strain. These furnishing choices allow homeowners to update their interiors regularly, in tune with evolving personal tastes or trends. Furthermore, opting for more cost-effective rugs opens up the possibility of exploring bold designs or experimenting with different styles without the commitment that comes with higher-priced textiles.

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Curtains and Rods

Choosing window treatments isn’t necessary to opt for bespoke creations. Plenty of quality, ready-to-purchase options exist at retailers like Anthropologie and Etsy that will keep the bank intact.

  • Mass-produced: Many stylish and affordable rods and curtains are available
  • Tailoring: For non-standard window sizes, buy more giant curtains and have them altered
  • Cost-effective: Considerably cheaper than custom treatments

When selecting colours and pairing them with wallpaper, consider complementary shades and patterns to enhance room aesthetics.

Luxurious Accent Cushions Without the Exorbitant Price Tag

Designer accent cushions often come with a hefty price tag, sometimes exceeding £250 each. Yet, it’s possible to find stunning, high-quality options that don’t break the bank. Retailers such as HomeGoods, HomeSense, and TJ Maxx boast a variety of styles, from luxurious to vibrant. Their extensive range and daily stock refreshments make them ideal for updating their decor with the seasons.

For those enamoured by premium fabrics, purchasing fabric by the metre presents a savvy alternative. Creating bespoke cushions, either through DIY or by engaging the services of a local tailor, offers a customised look without the premium cost. This approach allows one to achieve a personalised touch in their living space while keeping expenses in check.

Affordable Wall Decor Alternatives

  • Second-hand Treasures: Explore charity shops and clearance outlets for unique wall decorations that bring character to your space.
  • Community Art: Attend local art fairs to find original works that resonate with your style.
  • High-Quality Reprints: Investigate online platforms, like Minted, for premium prints that will be manageable for your budget.
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Seasonal Decorations

Deciding on whether seasonal decorations warrant investment can be quite a problem. The prevailing view among experts is that versatile decor offers more value. For instance, a red tablecloth procured in post-holiday sales can complement various celebrations, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. It’s prudent to allocate expenses towards decorations with greater longevity rather than on glamorous yet temporary items like life-size festive figures or seasonal throw pillows. The approach to trendy seasonal items should be one of cautious practicality, leaning towards purchases that promise year-round delight rather than momentary festive cheer.


Upgrading the fittings, such as knobs and pulls in kitchens or bathrooms, offers a cost-effective method to modernise the space without incurring substantial expenses. Investing excessively in high-end items is unnecessary, as many remarkable choices are available at a fraction of the price. Thrifty individuals can find sets for a modest sum on platforms like Amazon or select from affordable yet stylish collections by reputable suppliers, including San Diego Hardware Company, Rejuvenation, or Plank Hardware. When chosen thoughtfully, these versatile pieces can significantly enhance the look and feel of an area.

Wall-Mounted Lighting Options

In-home illumination and wall-mounted lights, commonly known as sconces, present a cost-effective solution. Notable interior experts suggest that an array of unique and hand-crafted sconces, which cast an attractive lamp, may be obtained within the budget range of £150 to £185. For those pursuing value, retailers such as Lulu and Georgia offer a selection of these lighting fixtures at competitive prices.

Stylish Hardcover Selections for the Living Room

  • Pre-loved editions: Often a more affordable option, available on platforms like Amazon.
  • Second-hand discoveries: Scour garage sales, estate sales, and charity shops for unique finds.
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