How to style timeless shaker kitchens, according to designers

  • Searches for ‘what are shaker kitchens’, are up by 100% in the past 12 months
  • Showroom development and design director at Wren Kitchens shares his design tricks for styling shaker kitchens

The Shaker kitchen design has transcended time, maintaining its popularity due to its classic simplicity and functional appeal that suit almost any taste. This style has become a timeless choice for those seeking a kitchen that has both charm and practicality.

With searches for ‘what are shaker kitchens’, up by 100% in the past 12 months, Darren Watts, Showroom Development and Design Director at Wren Kitchens, has shared top tips to help you achieve a timeless aesthetic.

Neutral elegance in colour palette

Embrace a neutral colour palette that embodies elegance and timelessness. Look for whites, creams, and latte to create a clean and open feel. Muted hues like soft greens, smoke blues, or greys can add a touch of sophistication while maintaining the Shaker simplicity.

Timeless hardware selection

Pay attention to the details by selecting timeless hardware. Look for handles and knobs in materials like brushed nickel, chrome, or brass as seen in the Shaker Classic. Keep the design simple and understated, ensuring that the hardware complements rather than competes with the clean lines of the Shaker cabinets.

Subway tile backsplash for classic appeal

Incorporate a classic subway tile backsplash to add texture and visual interest. White or light-coloured tiles with a beveled edge evoke a sense of tradition, enhancing the charm of the Shaker kitchen.

Open shelving for functionality

Enhance the openness of your Shaker kitchen with open shelving. Display your kitchenware on simple wooden shelves, keeping the design uncluttered. This addition not only serves a functional purpose but also aligns with the emphasis on simplicity.

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Classic lighting choices

Select lighting fixtures that embody classic design principles. Pendant lights or chandeliers with timeless aesthetics, such as glass, metal, or simple fabric shades, can elevate the overall look of your kitchen. Lighting is an opportunity to add a touch of sophistication while staying true to the elegant theme.

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