7 colours you should never paint your bathroom

Homeowners are being told of seven colours they should avoid painting their bathroom in order to achieve a stylish and modern look.

Luxury bathroom experts at Poshh.co.uk have revealed bright whites and shades of reds and blacks can be overbearing.

Bathrooms should be calming and relaxing environments and choice in colour can affect the atmosphere created in the room.

Adding colour is a great way to give character to the space but opting for the wrong shades can make the space look intense and distasteful.

Andy Ellis from Poshh.co.uk said: “It’s important to make the bathroom a calm and relaxing space but there are certain colours which can interrupt this atmosphere.

“White is a very popular bathroom colour but picking a bright shade makes marks more prominent. Instead it’s best to pick a softer shade to avoid a cold and harsh look.

“Incorporating colours is a great way to add character to your space but overusing reds, greens and blues can make the space look overbearing.

“If you’re unsure, the best way to incorporate colours is by doing so through small accents. This can be through towels or other bathroom decor like tray organisers and candles.”

7 colours you should never paint your bathroom:

Bright white

Bright white is a popular option but it can be more maintenance as dirt and stains can be more prominent. It’s good to opt for something light, but consider picking a softer, off white colour.


Bathrooms tend to be confined spaces and red can be overpowering and intense in such a small area. If you still want to add a bright pop of colour do it through small accents like towels or ornaments and decor.

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Although blue seems like a natural colour, it can give the bathroom a cold and hard look. You can still opt for blues, but try to pick a shade that is softer.


Dark bathrooms are popular and can look luxurious and expensive but it can be hard to get them right. Instead, consider adding black throughout the bathroom in other ways. Paining it all black can draw the space inward and make it appear dark and dreary.

Dark brown

Dark browns can quickly make the bathroom look outdated especially when incorporated into tiles and cabinetry. To achieve an earthy and modern look opt for lighter shades of brown.


Grey is another colour to be careful with. Small accents of grey can help your space look high end but too much can make the bathroom look dull and ruin the lighting.


Although green can be associated with nature, bright shades may be too intense in the bathroom. To create a calming space opt for accents of darker, emerald tones of green.

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