EV Charging Solution Provider ChargeGuru to install over 100,000 charge points for apartment owners by 2025

EV charging solution provider ChargeGuru today announced its merger with Zeplug, the leading operator of charging infrastructures in apartment and office buildings, to strengthen its position and create one of Europe’s largest EV charging providers with a focus on UK-wide expansion. 

ChargeGuru’s new Zeplug offering is designed to meet the growing demand for EV charging services with a solution specifically designed for apartment and office buildings. This innovative model, which includes financing of the shared charging infrastructure, as well as an end-to-end installation and maintenance service, has already been adopted by 15,000 buildings in France. This all-inclusive approach makes it easy for building owners, managers, and residents to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

Perfect Timing for the UK

As the UK gears up for the newly revised 2035 all-electric deadline, ChargeGuru UK’s Managing Director, Denis Watling, believes the new offering ensures that people who live in apartment buildings won’t get ‘left behind’ on the electrification journey. 

“Until now, the focus for home charging in the UK has been on those who live in a semi-detached or detached house, with a driveway. However, with roughly 22% of the population living in apartments, that’s over five million UK households who don’t currently have access to a transparent, hassle-free option for charging an EV privately at home. The launch of ChargeGuru’s Zeplug solution changes that completely, and perfectly aligns with our mission to make EV charging simple, for everyone.” 

The rapid evolution of the EV sector has seen a push for an increase in public chargers, which are often seen as the solution for those who can’t charge at home. The challenge is that charging on the public network can cost up to three times as much as charging at home. By offering a zero-cost option for landlords and property managers, ChargeGuru’s aim is to enable residents in apartment buildings to more easily & cost-effectively make the switch to electric between now and the 2035 deadline, by enabling them to charge at home.

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European Backing to Help Lead the Electric Transition in the UK

ChargeGuru launched in the UK earlier this year and having already secured a number of automotive partnerships, are already providing charging solutions for home and business customers throughout the country.

To accelerate its growth in the UK and seven other European countries, the Group will use the €240m raised by Zeplug in 2022 from the infrastructure fund ICG (Intermediate Capital Group). The ambition is to install more than 100,000 charge points in Europe by 2025. The merger will also strengthen the existing partnerships with more than 20 carmakers across Europe including Volkswagen Group, Tesla, BMW, Ford, and Volvo.

According to ACEA, sales of electric vehicles rose by 21% in Europe in 2023 so far. The UK has seen an even bigger growth, with a year-on-year increase of 34.2% in battery electric vehicle sales to the end of October ’23. Against this favourable backdrop, the Group has serious ambitions for 2024 and beyond.

To achieve their goal, the two companies aim to draw on their synergies and complementary expertise.

“This merger positions us firmly as a true European leader in electric mobility. We are convinced that the complementary nature of our expertise, and the innovative power of our offering for condominiums and office buildings, will enable us to meet the growing demand for electric charging stations throughout Europe”, cofounder of Zeplug and ChargeGuru Gilles Gomis explains. 

“Zeplug has built a strong leadership in France thanks to this innovative cost-free offer specifically addressing the complexity of charging electric vehicles in residential and office buildings. The challenges are similar in all the countries we target across Europe, and we are excited to bring the Zeplug offer in these markets to provide customers with the adequate solution”, cofounder of Zeplug and ChargeGuru Nicolas Banchet adds.

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