Why you need essential oils in the bathroom Why you need essential oils in the bathroom

Why you need essential oils in the bathroom

Brits seeking a spa-like experience at home are being advised to use essential oils in the bathroom to help relax and unwind.

The experts from luxury spa retailer Posh.co.uk have revealed six benefits of having essential oils in the bathroom.

Essential oils are often used as a form of aromatherapy to help people relax and make a room smell fragrant.

The experts say they can be used to de-stress and clear sinuses for those dealing with a nasty cold.

Scents such as peppermint, lavender and citrus are some of the best choices to boost moods and alleviate burdening thoughts.

Andy Ellis, from Posh.co.uk, said: “Aromatherapy at home is one of the best ways to relax and clear any stressful thoughts.

“What’s great about essential oils is the instant unwinding effect they have which can make it easier to de-stress before starting the day and in the evening when you’re getting into bed.

“They’re also a fantastic way to deal with blocked sinuses whilst making the bathroom smell pleasant and fresh.”

Here are six benefits of using essential oils in the bathroom:

  1. Relaxation

Five-star spas often use strong fragrances to help people naturally unwind from the moment they step inside. Having this familiar scent at home can have the same effect allowing people to de-stress.

  1. Treats cold symptoms

The oil scents are frequently used to clear sinuses for those suffering from a cold. Peppermint in particular is often referred to as the best scent for this due to its rich fragrance.

  1. Attractive scents

The scents from essential oils can cover any foul odours caused by bathroom drains to make the space more pleasant to be in.

  1. Aesthetic appeal
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Having the essential oil bottles lined up on the windowsill can instantly improve a bathroom’s aesthetic for those wanting it to have a spa-like appearance. Make sure the colour of the bottles matches the colour scheme you’ve chosen.

  1. Soothes sleep

Unwinding in the bathroom before bed with essential oils is a great way to unwind before hitting the pillow. The scents can help to de-stress and provide instant relaxation.

  1. Aids headaches

While they can’t eliminate headaches they can ease the burden of a sore head. Scents such as rosemary and lavender are some of the best choices. It’s worth dabbing the oil onto a cotton pad and rubbing it into your forehead directly onto the painful areas.

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