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Top 3 Smart Solutions To Maximise Space In Small Bedrooms

Do you worry about your small bedroom feeling overcrowded? Many people in the UK have this problem due to limited space in their homes or apartments. But there are ways by which you can enjoy both style and organisation while maintaining floor space. 

One way to do this is by using furniture with smart storage solutions. This helps create a stylish and organised room without taking up too much space. Additionally, choosing the right colour theme can make your room look larger and more appealing.

For those looking to combine style with space efficiency, SONNO Beds in UK offers a range of sleek, modern beds designed specifically for limited spaces. Their innovative designs mean you don’t have to sacrifice luxury or comfort, even in compact rooms.

This blog will discuss some creative tips for maximising space, even in smaller apartments and houses.

How To Design A Small Bedroom To Make Most Of Your Space?

Single Ottoman Divan Bed

Styling a small bedroom that isn’t very spacious might be a real challenge. To address this issue, we’ve compiled some useful recommendations to maximise space in your compact room. 

1. Space-Saving Tips For Small Bedrooms

Organising a bedroom can be challenging in the UK, where small rooms are common in apartments and houses. It’s important to find creative ways to maximise space in a small bedroom.

The following are the tips that help you make your bedroom feel more open and organised:

  • Declutter & Organise

If you have a small room, organising all your belongings is the best way to make it look spacious. Start by removing unnecessary items by selling them or giving them away. Additionally, when arranging the room, make sure to store accessories, clothing, and footwear appropriately instead of leaving them out in the open.

Furthermore, to make your room more spacious, you should always keep the furniture that comes with the added functionality of storage. SONNO beds in UK offer elegant-style beds with built-in storage, which helps keep rooms uncluttered and maximise available space. 

  • Utilise Vertical Space
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In small rooms where floor space is limited, it’s important to make the most of your wall space. You can achieve this by adding shelves or movable cabinets, which not only free up floor space but also add a stylish touch. Another way is to use hooks to hang clothes, bags, and other accessories, keeping the floor clear and making the room feel more spacious.

  • Use Multi-Functional Furniture

To maximise your bedroom space, you should always consider furniture with built-in storage. For example, a desk that serves as a workspace during the day and a bedside table at night. This way, you can make the most of your space and keep things organised.

Since the bed usually takes up the larger floor space in a bedroom, it’s smart to use a bed base with storage, as SONNO Beds in UK provides. This way, you can use the space under your mattress to store things and make your bedroom feel bigger.

2. Choosing The Right Bed Size For Your Room

Single Ottoman Divan Bed

Single Size Ottoman Divan Bed

In addition to space-saving tips, picking the right bed size for your room is crucial for managing space effectively. This decision can significantly impact how your room feels.

When choosing the right bed size, consider your room’s dimensions, your budget, and what you prefer. There are various bed sizes to pick from, but the three most common options are:

  • Single Bed

A single bed is perfect for people who want to maximise their space, especially within smaller rooms. It’s also an excellent choice for solo sleepers who don’t need much space. 

In addition, SONNO beds in UK offer single beds with built-in storage options, making them a highly practical choice for guest rooms. The storage compartment makes organising the bedding and other bedroom clutter easy. Furthermore, it is also a great choice for children’s rooms to store their toys and other belongings.

  • Double Bed
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A double bed is ideal for couples or individuals who enjoy additional space. Thus, it serves well in medium-sized bedrooms, offering sufficient sleeping areas while freeing up valuable floor space.

  • King Bed

A king-size bed is the most popular in the UK, offering ample space for couples needing optimal comfort and luxury. Its considerable dimensions make it best suited for larger bedrooms and a superb choice for people requiring more sleep space.

When selecting a bed size, it is important to understand that the bed fits well in your room, avoiding a cramped or cluttered appearance. If you need space-efficient solutions, SONNO Beds in UK provides beds incorporating built-in storage. Many bed bases in their range are designed to maximise storage space in your sleeping area. For instance, their divan bases feature a robust solid hardwood frame, including customisable drawers. Additionally, their ottoman beds offer an innovative design where the entire mattress can be lifted, revealing extensive storage space beneath.

3. Arranging Your Furniture & Decor

After deciding on the ideal bed size for your bedroom, there are multiple strategies for increasing the area around it.

  • Place Your Bed Against A Wall

You could use more space in the middle of your room by placing the bed against a wall. This would make your bedroom look larger and allow for easier movement around the bed.

  • Use A Moveable Shelf Instead Of Nightstand

Think about installing a moveable shelf beside your bed instead of a traditional nightstand. This approach maximises the available space and creates an elegant background for your favourite decoration pieces.

  • Keep Your Decor Simple

You should also consider the minimalist style when designing your bedroom. Use neutral colours which are calming and not too bright. When decorating the walls, avoid overcrowding them with too many items. This will make the room look elegant and stylish. Additionally, adding personal touches, such as stylish bedding, can enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal.

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Smart storage solutions can maximise your space while maintaining a clean, organised bedroom. However, the right bed size, whether single, double, or king, plays a significant role in ensuring comfort and freeing up space in compact rooms.

In this regard, SONNO Beds in UK would be the ideal choice. These beds are renowned for their quality and ability to increase space efficiently, making them the top pick for small bedrooms. You can check out the SONNO Beds reviews to learn about other buyers’ experiences. These reviews highlight the client’s satisfaction, including the space-saving design and bed quality. Thus, by incorporating the tips and ideas that we have discussed in this article, you’ll be able to save space in your small bedroom quickly.

Single Ottoman Divan Bed

Ottoman Divan Bed Single Size

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you make a small bedroom feel less cluttered?

To make a small bedroom not feel cramped, just reduce the clutter. Purchase furniture that is both space-friendly and multi-purpose, such as a bed with storage drawers or an ottoman base. Additionally, use light colours on the walls to make the room look big. This way, your space stays organised and looks clean.

  • How do you manage storage in a small house?

Storage in a small house needs to be managed smartly. Start by cleaning out the things you don’t need anymore. Use multipurpose furniture that offers efficient storage solutions, such as beds with built-in drawers or ottomans with hidden compartments. Also, you can use vertical areas with shelves and hooks. To maximise space and control clutter, it is important to review your belongings regularly and remove unnecessary items.

  • How should a bedroom be set up?

To set up a well-designed bedroom, choose a bed that offers both comfort and luxury to improve your room’s overall aesthetic. Use neutral wall colours and ensure the lighting is soft and adjustable. Add personal touches such as artwork or photos to give your room an elegant makeover.

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