The glass design trends likely to dominate in 2024

Homeowners are being told of six glass design trends that have made it to the interior hit list for 2024.   

The glass experts at have revealed which glass trends are expected to be popular in the New Year.

The experts say both modern and traditional aesthetics are anticipated to be a hit in the coming year when it comes to glass design.

They also note that the popular 60s trend of reeded glass is making a comeback in the new year with many opting to have it for their shower screens.

Infill glass staircases, and shaped LED mirrors are also likely to take interior design trends by storm in 2024 due to their rising popularity in recent months.

John Cutts, glass expert at, said: “Homeowners are always looking for the next big trend that will transform their homes.

“We’ve researched which trends have risen in popularity over the last year as well as those making a comeback despite not being fashionable since the early 60s.

“Reeded glass, infill glass staircases and toughened mirror splashbacks are some of the trends  set to dominate in 2024.”

Here are six predicted glass design trends for 2024:

  1. Infill glass staircases

Having an infill glass staircase can make a home look stylish and modern. It can also make a house more inviting as they allow natural light to flow more freely which can open up the space.

  1. Toughened mirror splashbacks

Splashbacks are great options to have in a home as they protect the walls from food splatters or any damage caused by cooking. Toughened mirror options have become popular as they withstand temperatures of 250ºC and are less likely to crack over time.

  1. Shaped LED mirrors
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Homeowners have welcomed LED mirrors over the last five years. In the last year and a half, its popularity has soared by having it designed in unique shapes rather than a plain rectangular mirror.

  1. Reeded glass

Reeded glass is a popular trend from the 60s where semi-molten glass is pressed against metal rollers. It’s starting to make a comeback as an option for shower screens due to its modern aesthetic, privacy glaze and easy-to-clean surface.

  1. Antique mirror splashbacks

The antique mirror splashbacks are hailed as a cleaning dream as they can be simply polished with white vinegar and a microfibre cloth. They also give charm to a kitchen thanks to their unique and distinct design.

  1. Garden balustrades

Seen in many modern hotels, garden balustrades are a brilliant option for dividing the garden into sections to create a modern aesthetic. They’re popular options to place around seating areas as well as on balconies to give homes a chic finish.

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