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Regencycore: Interior trends expert shares Bridgerton style décor ideas

With part one of the new Bridgerton Season 3 incoming on May 16th, the #Regencycore hashtag has amassed 374 million views on TikTok* as people try to replicate the Regency era interiors in their own homes.

From gilded furniture such as chairs, drawers, and mirrors, to floral prints, parquet designs, and regal colours – these elements gave Georgian era homes an elegant look. To add the Regencycore trend into your home, you’ll need to focus on materials, patterns, colours, and designs that evoke the elegance of that period.

Johanna Constantinou, interior trends expert at Tapi Carpets & Floors comments on how to add the Regencycore trends to your home, and floors, in particular:

Floral motifs

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Regencycore is all about a maximalist approach with a soft colour palette such as creams, greens, pale pinks and light blues. Look for floral motifs, intricate borders, or classic Oriental patterns in luxurious materials like wool or silk.

Patterned carpets, such as a light blue floral design are great for adding regency-themed elegance to your floors.

Parquet flooring

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Image from Tapi Carpets & Floors

Parquet-style floor designs such as herringbone are also another great way to achieve the Regencycore look for your home as these geometric patterns were also popular in the Georgian era. Rich and dark woods like this Sierra Coffee is perfect for adding character and richness to any room.

Damask patterns

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The Damask pattern is a well-known staple of the Regency period. Woven onto silk, linen, brocade, and cotton fabrics, this pattern consists of elaborate, intertwining floral, geometric, or abstract motifs, making them popular for adding elegance and sophistication to a space. Today, damask patterns can be found in carpets, wallpapers, furniture such as sofas, and decorative accessories such as valances.

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Chinoiserie designs

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Chinese inspired designs gained immense popularity in the Regency period. They consisted of pagodas, dragons, birds, cherry blossoms, bamboos, and landscapes inspired by traditional Chinese art.

Used in furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories such as porcelain vases, lacquerware, and screens featuring Chinese motifs. These designs are still widely available today, for those looking to add a touch of Regencycore elegance into their homes.

Carved woodwork

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Carving was a decorative technique used in furniture, accessories, and architectural elements in the Regency period. This featured classical motifs such as acanthus leaves, rosettes, fluting, and geometric patterns. Architectural elements such as mouldings, cornices, and door frames were also commonly carved with intricate designs.

If you’re looking to add carved woodwork to your interior space, consider tables, chairs, and cabinets featuring these details. However, if you want smaller accents, carved accessories such as picture frames, mirrors, clocks, and vases would be a subtle choice.

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