How to make amazing Christmas gift dreams come true – on a budget

It might be the most wonderful time of the year – but it can also be stressful with loved ones asking for expensive gifts in a cost-of-living crisis. Whether it’s a teenager dreaming of a gamer’s paradise, or a little one with aspirations of outdoor exploration, it can be difficult to keep up with the budget that comes with the longed-for presents.

But now, the reliable way for homeowners to hire tradespeople, has come up with some ways to turn those aspirational gift ideas into reality – for just a fraction of the cost.

Andy Simms, trade expert from, said that by buying second hand, or looking into home hacks, you can create the magic of Christmas without breaking the bank – or your back.

“With the rise in popularity of Facebook Marketplace and Vinted, there has never been a better time to source products second-hand – and then get a professional in to upcycle, rebuild, or improve what you’re able to get.

“Whether it be that dream fairy princess bed, a teenager’s secret garden room, or a treehouse straight out of the enchanted forest – so much can be achieved by reusing, rebuilding, and recycling!

“It takes a little more time and creativity, but the results can be incredible – and it’s good for the planet, too.”

Here’s‘s guide to the best way to create those amazing gift requests this Christmas.

Climbing wall – £250

For those kids who love to climb all over your furniture, why not create them a bespoke climbing wall? This sounds expensive, but actually this can be safely and for less money than you may expect.  A pack of 50 grip climbing stones can cost just £40 and these can be fit on your walls or, if your child wants a challenge, all up the wall next to your stairs (a tradesperson can advice on the suitability of walls!).  A handyperson could help secure your grips to the wall and create an amazing climbing space in your home for just £200.

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Skate park – £470

A skateboard or scooter is a great gift – but what about a custom half-pipe to go with it? While this might sound aspirational, a carpenter or handyperson could craft a plywood ramp for less than you may expect. Make your kid the envy of their friends – and all in just a day’s work by a professional.

Private gaming room – £500

Many teenagers will be asking for a new games console this Christmas, but what about creating a special space for them to enjoy it? Hanging a TV on the wall, fitting LED lights and installing soundproofing in their bedroom will cost you less than £500, and will take a tradesperson less than a couple of days to install.

Bargain Wendy House – £240

A double-storey wendy house with a picket fence can be a dream for many kids out there – but they come with a hefty four-figure price tag. However, huge amounts are being given away online, often for free. The catch? The “buyer” needs to dismantle themselves. The great news here is that a tradesperson can do this for you, and rebuild it, for just a couple of hundred pounds for the day’s work. 

Second-hand treehouse – £500

Many people whose kids have outgrown their treehouse are looking to move it along – often for free if the purchaser will dismantle it themselves. Similar to a wendy house, obtaining a treehouse second-hand and employing someone to dismantle and rebuild will cost a fraction of the price.

Sunken trampolines – £250

Trampolines are a favourite for all ages – but they can be pretty unsightly to look at. Why not reuse your trampoline and give you and your kids a present by making them into a sunken version. A lot more sophisticated and will give your bouncer a more grown-up appeal – as well as making it safer. Your tradesperson will need to dig out the space, ready to fit your trampoline into the ground securely. All for just £250 a couple of days’ work.

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Take a look at the full list of Christmas gift ideas, including some bespoke luxury options at

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