Here are 24 ways to spruce up your garden in 2024

Brits are being told of different ways to revamp their garden in the new year to breathe new life into the space.

Green-thumbed experts at have shared 24 tips to elevate the garden in 2024.

Many will find that the New Year is a great time to start planning what they want their garden to look like for the year ahead.

Some decide it’s time for them to get their hands dirty by learning to plant flowers or grow their own veggies.

To make it easier to decide what to focus on in the new year, the experts have tallied up 24 jobs that can add value to the space or simply make it healthier for plants to thrive.

Chris Bonnett, founder of, said: “New year is the perfect time to take care of the garden and make something of the space.

“Even a simple mow and water schedule will go a long way, as it’ll make the garden healthier and more pleasant to look at, especially as the weather starts to brighten up.

“It’s also a great way to learn how to plant items like flowers and veggies. Some hard work and dedication can go a long way in the garden.

“We’ve come up with 24 ways to elevate the space in 2024 from easy-to-follow tasks to some which may take a few months to master.”

Here are 24 ways to spruce up the garden in 2024:

  1. Keep on top of weeding

A tedious, yet necessary task, pulling weeds is a must for every garden owner to prevent plants from dying and the space from looking tarnished.

  1. DIY Greenhouse
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Building a greenhouse in the garden is a great way to grow veggies without the risk of pests ruining them. It’ll also stand out as a centrepiece in the garden.

  1. Prune bushes

Removing the damaged and weakened branches from the bushes can help to improve its health.

  1. Create a watering chart

Keeping on top of watering is one of the most essential roles in ensuring plants and flowers survive. Check how often each type needs to be watered and put it in a chart.

  1. Plant ahead of the seasons

Knowing which plants and flowers thrive in which seasons will make it easier to ensure their survival. Some may need to be planted as early as January to bloom by Autumn.

  1. Learn to compost

Composting can improve your garden soil by making it easier to retain moisture, making plants healthier.

  1. Create wildlife habitats

Wildflowers are a great way to attract bees and wasps while placing logs around the garden can welcome toads and frogs.

  1. Invest in bird feeders

If you want to attract blue tits and robins into your garden it’s worth investing in bird feeders to hang on the shed or around the trees.

  1. Paint the fence

A simple recoat of the garden space can make the space look modern and chic. Blacks and space greys are popular options.

  1. Mowing the lawn

While we don’t advise doing the first mow of the year until March, it’s important to keep on top of mowing throughout the year. A simple mow can be the deal breaker in a garden’s survival.

  1. Build a DIY bar
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A bar in the background can be the perfect job to work on before summer comes around. It could boost the property value depending on size and functionality.

  1. Grow veggies

It’s worth growing your own veggies to save money throughout the year. Broccoli, cabbage and leeks are great options to plant in winter.

  1. Landscape the space

Landscaping the garden can make it look neat and presentable. It’s great if you want to divide sections of the space, for example, one area for planting and one for garden furniture.

  1. Add a water feature

A water feature such as a fountain can enhance a garden’s appearance and give it a modern edge.

  1. Build a Koi pond

A Koi pond is a popular feature that many find relaxing to have in their garden as they can watch the array of Japanese koi fish swimming around all day.

  1. Make a raised bed

Having a raised bed can make it easier to grow plants or veggies if you’re tight for space in the garden.

  1. Plant fruit trees

Lemon and apple trees are great choices to plant in the garden. Make sure to water thoroughly and monitor for any pests.

  1. Build a firepit

Building a firepit is the perfect way to entertain guests and will allow you to make the most of the space even in colder climates.

  1. Create a sensory garden

A sensory garden is supposed to trigger the five senses to help relax you as you stroll through the space. Keep all five senses in mind, when picking the flowers, plants and objects.

  1. Seal any possible entryways

Check around the garden for any loose panels in the fence or any gaps where animals can escape or enter. It’s worth doing this every couple of months.

  1. Add outdoor lighting
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String lights and heated lamps are modern choices to add to the garden space to make it more appealing to sit and relax in.

  1. Place garden mirrors

Adding garden mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space. They’re also modern choices to enhance a garden’s aesthetic.

  1. Hanging plants

Add hanging plants to make the most of the space. They can be hung off the shed or even on trees to spruce up the garden.

  1. Add a hammock

If you want to enjoy nature’s finest, adding a hammock can help you to relax, read a book and or enjoy a nap.

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