Energy saving habits to pick up in 2024

Britons have been told how to slash money on energy bills by picking up small habits around their home in the new year.

Energy experts at have named five habits for homeowners to introduce in order to save money on bills in 2024.

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With January marking the increase of energy bills as the price cap increases by 5%, many are keen to make changes to their lifestyle to cut down on expenses.

Small habits such as closing the curtains as soon as it gets dark, and taking shorter showers can help to reduce energy bills.

Being more mindful of washing machine habits and using the 30°C setting, may save Brits just under £30 a year.

Avoiding overfilling the kettle when making a cup of tea is an easy way to cut down on costs from electricity bills – with an average saving of £11 annually.

Regular radiator maintenance such as bleeding out air pockets and reducing the temperature setting in less used rooms can save Brits £70 every year.

Tiffany Mealiff, energy comparison expert at said: “Our energy bills have already started to rise after the price cap increase on New Year’s Day.

“It means that many of us will be paying more than ever on essential household bills, and I’m sure everyone will be keen to save where they can.

“Introducing small habits into your daily routine around the house is a quick and easy way to reduce the amount of money you’re spending on energy bills.

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“Habits such as washing your clothes at 30°C, taking shorter showers down to four minutes and closing your curtains as soon as the sun sets can all help to reduce energy use and slash bills.

“Avoiding overfilling the kettle and regularly bleeding your radiators when using the heating can also help cut down on waste and save you money.”

Here are‘s energy saving habits to pick up in 2024:

  1. Close curtains as soon as it gets dark

As soon as the sun sets, get into the habit of closing all your curtains and blinds in every room. This will prevent warm air from escaping out of the cold windows, meaning less energy will be needed to heat your home in the evening. Curtains will add an extra layer of insulation for your house, so investing in thick ones can also help cut energy costs.

  1. Wash your clothes at 30°C

You can save almost £30 a year just by being more mindful of your washing machine habits. An average load of clothes can be safely washed at 30°C, which could help slash your energy costs. Consider reducing the number of washes that are needed each week too if you can.

  1. Don’t overfill the kettle

When boiling the kettle for your cup of tea, get into the habit of taking a second to consider how much water is actually needed. Avoiding overfilling the kettle could save a household £11 a year off your electricity bill. Many water suppliers also offer free tap aerators to reduce the amount of water coming out of the tap – which may save £25 a year.

  1. Look after your radiators
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Regular radiator maintenance will help to cut your energy bills when turning on the heating. Turn radiators down to between 2.5 and 3 in the rooms that aren’t being used – this could save you £70 each year. Get into the habit of bleeding your radiators regularly to let out air pockets which could be making the heating less effective.

  1. Take shorter showers

Get into the habit of having quicker showers to cut your energy costs – reducing your shower time down to around four minutes may save a typical household £70 a year on bills – even just set a timer for 4 minutes to give you a sense of how long you normally take, to help you reduce it over time. Swapping out one bath a week for a quick shower could also save an additional £11 annually. 

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