Energy Expert: Turn off These Household Items While You Go on Holiday

You could be wasting up to £60 while on holiday by not turning these devices off.

22 August 2023, London – We’re in full summer holiday season and many of us are taking a well-deserved break. But while you’re soaking up the sun or exploring a new city, your home’s energy consumption could be quietly adding up. 

MakeMyHouseGreen, a leading company specialising in solar energy installations for homes, offers expert advice on how to save money on your bills even while you’re away. Here are the essential household items you should consider turning off before you set off on your holiday.

ItemCost per dayCost for 7 day holidayCost for 14 day holiday
Immersion heater (3000 W 3 hours per day)£3.06£21.42£42.84
Lights (2x 60W left on for security)£0.86£6.02£12.04
Fridge-freezer (300 W)**£0.80£5.60£11.20
Broadband router (10 W)£0.24£1.68£3.36
Extractor fan (20 W)£0.24£1.68£3.36
Television (on stand-by)£0.08£0.57£1.14
Set top box / satellite (on stand-by)£0.08£0.54£1.07
Modem / internet router£0.07£0.47£0.95
Microwave (on stand-by)£0.05£0.33£0.66
Games Console (on stand-by)£0.04£0.25£0.50
Computer (on stand-by)£0.04£0.25£0.49
Electric Shower (on stand-by)£0.03£0.20£0.40
Smart speakers / smart home devices (on stand-by)£0.03£0.19£0.38
Dishwasher (on stand-by)£0.02£0.14£0.28
Washing machine (on stand-by)£0.01£0.10£0.19
Tumble dryer (on stand-by)£0.01£0.10£0.19
Printer (on stand-by)£0.01£0.08£0.15

MakeMyHouseGreen addresses some of the worst wastes of energy and how holiday-goers can reduce costs:

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1. Water Heater

The research found that the main offender was immersion heaters being left on, costing a whopping £42.84 for a 14 day holiday.

MakeMyHouseGreen comments, “Many families like to leave their heating on for a few hours a day while they are away to keep the house warm and water ready to be used, however they might not realise the cost they’re adding to their holiday.”
Your water heater is one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. If nobody is going to be using hot water for a few days or weeks, turn it off or set it to “vacation mode” to save energy.

2. Refrigerator and Freezer 

Fridges and freezers might not seem like obvious candidates to save energy, but MakeMyHouseGreen suggests that they might, “If you’re going on an extended holiday, consider emptying your fridge and freezer and turning them off. For shorter trips, set them to a higher (but still safe) temperature.”

3. ‘Vampire Power’ of Electronics and Appliances 

Even when they’re off, many electronics and appliances continue to draw ‘phantom’ or ‘vampire’ power. On their own they don’t account for much, but many devices can add up over a period of time. 

MakeMyHouseGreen recommends “Unplug devices like TVs, computers, microwaves, and chargers to unwanted energy wastage.

4. Lights

Many people like to leave a light or two on for security reasons, however they may not realise the cost. For a 2 week holiday that can total to £12 if they are 60W bulbs.

MakeMyHouseGreen offers some tips “While it’s a common practice to leave a light on for security reasons, it’s often unnecessary and wasteful. Instead, consider investing in a timer that can turn your lights on and off at set times, giving the appearance that someone is home without wasting electricity.”

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5. Go The Whole Hog

If you want to maximise your savings, MakeMyHouseGreen suggest the ultimate solution: “You could turn everything off at the fuse board, to make sure you’ve not missed anything! However, just make sure you don’t accidentally turn off a freezer that is still full or an alarm system you’re relying on!”

By following this advice from MakeMyHouseGreen, you can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that you’re saving money and reducing your environmental impact at the same time. So before you lock the door and head for the airport, take a few minutes to secure your home – and your energy bills.

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