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Dutch renewable research powers on with ultra-low emission microgrid from Aggreko 

A geothermal research project in the Netherlands has been able to continue vital research toward the energy transition following the installation of an ultra-low emission microgrid from global energy solutions provider, Aggreko.

The project is led by Dutch-state backed Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), based in Utrecht, and involves researching several onshore wells to identify whether they are suitable for the extraction of geothermal energy. If successful, it has the potential to be a reliable and constant source of low-carbon and renewable heat that is not dependent on weather conditions.

EBN needed a solution that could provide up to 2600 kW peak power for its drilling rig, while meeting ambitious emissions targets that go beyond the Dutch government’s stringent regulations. A conventional temporary power solution would not have met such stipulations, meaning the project would not have been able to continue operations.

As a specialist in power and temperature control, Aggreko presented several emissions reduction alternatives for EBN to review. The final microgrid solution consisted of Aggreko’s latest PowerMX2 twin engine Stage V generator on a load-on-demand application alongside a battery. This solution provided peak power for the drill, while reducing emissions during lower loads or rig idle.

As well as hitting the targets set out by EBN, the sustainable Aggreko solution was also able to provide a reduction in NOx emissions of up to 90%.

Siebe Viersen, Senior Drilling Supervisor at EBN said: “This project allows us to assess the possibilities of geothermal heat, and therefore increase the chance of successful projects to heat homes and buildings in the Netherlands. This is part of our commitment to sustainability, something shared by Aggreko which makes them a solid partner for our exciting research.”

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Loesje van Dongen, Sector Account Specialist at Aggreko added: “Unlike other renewables such as solar and wind, geothermal energy is not weather dependent, making it a sustainable and reliable commodity, and incredibly important for creating a sustainable energy future – something we are heavily invested into at Aggreko. This project is a live example of how we are supporting the energy transition through our sustainability framework, Energising Change. It essentially sets out a series of initiatives and investments which will enable regions, and organisations, to scale up their approach to a renewable energy future. We are beyond proud to have been involved in enabling this particular project with EBN.”

Aggreko’s sustainability framework helps support companies on their decarbonisation journey by providing Greener Upgrades through sustainable technologies and techniques that help to lower carbon emissions and deliver fuel savings. This project in the Netherlands highlights how Aggreko is integrating its investment into the latest technologies with innovative thinking to achieve an ultra-low emission and efficient solution.

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For more information regarding EBN’s role in the energy transition visit: EBN and geothermal energy – EBN’.

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