Scarborough Borough Council Announced It Has Formally Adopted the Local Plan

Scarborough Borough Council Announced It Has Formally Adopted the Local Plan

Scarborough Borough Council has announced that it has formally adopted the Local Plan for the Borough of Scarborough. On the 3rd of July, the Council announced that the plan had been formally adopted. This news is the final part of an extensive development process which has taken place over the course of a number of years and has been put under round after round of public consultations and government inspection.

The new Local Plan has been designed to replace the Local Plan 1999 and is expected to run until 2032. The idea is for the Local Plan to contain all of the overall planning frameworks that have been set up for the Borough of Scarborough for the next fifteen years. The scheme will lay out where developments are allowed to take place as well as focusing on protecting the popular coastal and countryside locations which are vital to maintain visitor numbers, which then keeps jobs for the locals.

The Plan will also consider future economic growth which is expected in Scarborough, there will also be considerations for impact from developments such as the potash mine which is being constructed in Whitby. The Local Plan has created a target to deliver 450 new homes each year with allocations give to the north and south of Scarborough and Whitby. These new houses are expected to be delivered with a range of different housing developments including modest developments in locations such as Filey in order o complement the Borough’s villages.

The Local Plan has been put under intense scrutiny before being adopted and has had to go through a thorough examination by a Government Planning Inspector. There have also been a number of hearing sessions over the course of summer 2016 and at the start of 2017 which were concluded that the plan would be sound with a few changes that were considered necessary by the Planning Inspector. The sessions to approve the plans were attended by local residents as well as developers who were able to express their views before any final decision was made.


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