Andy Gamble Will Be Involved in a Panel Discussion at the Housing Conference

Andy Gamble Will Be Involved in a Panel Discussion at the Housing Conference

Andy Gamble, the Director of Development and New Business for Yorkshire Housing will be involved in a panel discussion at the Housing 2017 conference. This event is the largest housing event in Europe and is expected to welcome 1,500 delegates as well as around 8,000 visitors. The housing conference will be taking place at Manchester Central over the course of three days between the 27th and 29th June.

Yorkshire Housing is considered to be the largest social housing provider in the region. This means that the Associations is a large provider of affordable and sociable rent homes in the North of England. One of the panelled discussions that will take place at the conference will be looking at the possible solutions to the skills crisis in the UK at the moment. In the construction industry, there is a deficit in the number of skilled workers. This measnt that it could be a challenge to could be a struggle to build necessary homes to meet the housing demand.

Joining Andy Gamble at the Housing 2017 conference panel includes Charlie Scherer who is the Willmott Partnership Chief Operating Operator and the executive director of Accord Group, Alan Yates. As part of the conference it will be discussed what Housing Associations can do in order to reduce the pressures that are put on the construction sector because of the lack of skilled workers in the sector.

Yorkshire Housing offers 18,000 affordable and social rent homes across their county as well as providing a range of care and support services across the region. The Association has plans to build 3,000 more homes by 2020, therefore as a housing association looking to expand the homes that they can deliver, Yorkshire Housing is an ideal candidate to be a part of the discussions regarding the challenges facing the construction industry, like the skills shortage, and solutions can help property development going forward.


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