Agreement Has Been Reached for the Development of the Cumbernauld Community Campus

Agreement Has Been Reached for the Development of the Cumbernauld Community Campus

An agreement has been reached for the development of the Cumbernauld Community Campus. On the 29th of June the £34.5 million development project on the existing site of

Cumbernauld High School has been agreed on. The work is taking place on behalf of North Lanarkshire Council as a part of their partnership with Hub South West.

Morrison Construction has been announced as the main contractor for the development and this will be the third school development that has been undertaken by the partnership created by Morrison, Hub South West and North Lanarkshire Council.

The development will see the existing secondary school replaced by a new high school as well as the development of a theatre and arts venue. The high school will have the capacity for 950 students, required after the combination of  Cumbernauld and Abronhill High Schools in the 2014-15 school year.

The brand new purpose built development on this site will be joined by the development of a new theatre with a main auditorium space large enough to hold 400 seas as well as a box office, additional performance space, administration areas, support rooms and digital arts spaces. This new creation will be utilised by the Cumbernauld Theatre Trust Ltd and being built so close to the high school could get students more interested in the performing arts.

This Scottish development is an excellent way to construct new facilities for the students as well as offering a range of facilities for the wider community. The development that is planned demonstrates the commitment that is shown by the three companies in partnership to deliver developments that benefit the community.

With the development plans only agreed on Thursday the 29th June, there hasn’t been any official date as to when the project is expected to be completed. However the £34.5 million development will be a significant new addition to the local area when it is finished.


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