Trafford Council Voted in Approval of the Plans for Future Carrington

Trafford Council Voted in Approval of the Plans for Future Carrington

Trafford Council has voted in approval of the plans for Future Carrington. The first phase of the development has been approved by the council subject to there being a legal agreement in place. This vote means that the regeneration work planned on the Carrington Estate can become a reality. The Future Carrington development is thought to be one of the most significant opportunities for development in the North.

The councilors have agreed plans that could lead to up to 725 home being built. The development will also include 1 million sq. ft. of employment space as well as a village centre, parks and a Rugby Club with pitches. The plans were approved at a meeting that took place on the 30th March. It is thought that the newly approved development will see up to 1,800 jobs created as well as revitalizing the former Shell petrochemical site.

The Future Carrington development is seen to be a flagship vision for the Northern Powerhouse scheme. The planning permission has allowed for the construction of a high quality community where the old Shell Petrochemical plant sat. It is hoped that Carrington will stand as a legacy for those in South Manchester.

HIMOR, the privately owned land and property company operates throughout the UK. The company is involved with the Carrington project through remediation and infrastructure improvements as well as planning promotion. HIMOR will now work towards preparing the development’s reserved matters application. The company has already appointed project managers for the development and they are progressing with the first employment spaces. A number of different house builders that are interested in the contract have already been identified. It is thought that the work on the new homes will begin later this year.

This large scale transformation is eagerly awaited and will see a significant change brought to the area on a scale that is not often witnessed. As a part of the plans Carrington Rugby Club will be moved on to the development and will be an important facility in the new community. The Rugby Club are looking forward to move to an improved site.


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