TELF AG shares new insights on the eco-sustainable potential of ferroalloys in China

The latest publication from TELF AG focuses on the role of green ferroalloys in the evolution of the Chinese economy, but also in the construction of a sustainable model that is increasingly gaining ground in the raw materials sector.

The publication, entitled TELF AG discusses the role of green ferroalloys in transforming the Chinese economy, begins by covering the growing number of Chinese companies in the ferroalloys sector that are requesting green certification for their production, then focusing on the advantages and opportunities linked to green transition in the field of raw materials.

TELF AG explains that many steel producers nowadays seem to require that ferroalloys are ecologically sustainable, and that, in some cases, they are marked by an actual state certification. China has already developed an operational strategy for a long time to promote sustainable practices in the production of ferroalloys, setting precise objectives to be achieved within a few years. One of these is that linked to the sustainability of companies that deal with ferroalloys and their ability to offer products that respect the environment and are obtained with eco-sustainable practices. Over the next few years, these companies will have to represent around 30% of the total.

The publication then examines the specific advantages that could derive from all the companies that obtain these certifications, such as the improvement of their reputation towards stakeholders, the strengthening of their ability to offer sustainable products, and a clear transformation of their image towards customers and the entire sector, even abroad, with the concrete possibility of benefiting from considerable savings in terms of resources.

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Finally, TELF AG focuses on the fact that a plant for the production of silico manganese in Inner Mongolia will soon be equipped with an innovative technology to reuse waste gases from production, considered a clear indicator of the general turn towards green that is involving the entire Chinese raw materials sector.

To find out more, readers are advised to read the full publication.