Streetspace Works Decided to Move From Their Location in Wootton Devon

Streetspace Works Decided to Move From Their Location in Wootton Devon

Streetspace works to offer extension and covered space solutions to their clients. First launched in 2012, the brand has more than 20 years of experience in covered space and outdoor furniture manufacturing to become a success. After experiencing growth, the company have decided to move from their location in Wootton, Devon.

The company revealed that they have outgrown their Deveon location and pan o locating to another facility with twice the standard of factory space and four times the office and amenity space. This move will allow the company to continue to grow in the years to come.

The leading canopies and street furniture manufacturers are moving to the Lympne Industrial Park in Hythe in order to get the extra space that they need. The Hythe facility is significantly larger than the Wooton location, but is still only seen as an interim measure by the company while the development of their 25,000 sq.ft new location is constructed. Streetspace have a new facility at Honeywood Parkway in Whitfield that is on its way through the planning, designs and construction process. After working from the Wootton location for 20 years, new facilities will offer an exciting new chapter for the company.

Moving in to larger accommodation will allow the manufacturing company to go from strength to strength, allowing more space for product development to take place to keep them at the forefront of the market as well as allow Streetspace to carry on offering the same high quality of service to their customers despite the increase in order numbers.

The new Honeywood Parkway site will offer a great place to work for staff and the extra space could lead to more jobs created, meaning that Streetspace could expand further. In order to cause minimal disruption to operations and to customers, the move is already said to be underway, and will be completed by the middle of August.


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