Oman Air CEO Delivers Key Progress Report Oman Air CEO Delivers Key Progress Report

Oman Air CEO Delivers Key Progress Report

Oman Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gregorowitsch, has delivered a key report on the progress of the airline and is planning for further expansion.

Mr Gregorowitsch’s update was provided at a major press conference, held on September 27,2016 in Oman Air’s Catering hall near Muscat International Airport.

Further details were supplied by Chief Commercial Officer Abdulrahaman Al Busaidy, and Executive Vice President, Products and Brand Development, Abdulaziz Alraisi.

After an exclusive viewing of Oman Air’s latest CNN advertisement, Mr Gregorowitsch opened the press conference by reaffirming the airline’s objectives and its vision. He said that Oman Air’s vision is “To Become the Best”, and that its objectives are to be a safe airline, to be the airline of First Choice, to make money by increasing revenues and reducing costs, to cater for growth as set out in the company’s ten-year plan, and to contribute to the development of the Sultanate.

Gregorowitsch commented: “I am pleased to report that Oman Air has achieved important progress over the last two years and I am optimistic about the company’s future. With the invaluable support of Oman Air’s Board of Directors, we have a clear vision, achievable objectives and a set of values to which all our employees are committed.

“We are also delivering an ambitious and dynamic programme of fleet and network expansion. This has seen the company take delivery of outstanding new aircraft, introduce a range of exciting new destinations and launch new products and services which contribute to a seamless passenger experience.

“Despite substantial economic challenges, Oman Air is therefore in a strong position to continue its progress towards becoming a successful, sustainable company of the highest quality: in other words, To Become the Best.”

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Oman Air’s fleet expansion scheme has already made major progress. With the first of the new aircraft being delivered in the final quarter of 2014, Oman Air fleet size stood at 35 aircraft by January 2015. One year later, this January, the fleet had increased in size to 41 aircraft.

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