Northern Powerhouse Conference

Northern Powerhouse Conference

The latest press release charting the impending discussion to bringing the dreams of the Northern Powerhouse to light has found that readers of Transport & Logistics will be able to attend with a quartered discount off the price of a ticket. Taking place over the course of a couple of very important days in the city of Manchester, it is set to be a vital event that will enable businesses and individuals to find out what exact potential the Northern Powerhouse scheme will offer.

From representatives of Network Rail to Associated British Ports, the conference is of particular interest to those in the transportation sector, and leading chief executive officers of various transport providers are sure to be in attendance at this summit. Of course, there is no chance of there being a Northern Powerhouse if there is no way for people to get to it: therefore, it is imperative that the transport networks in and around the northern regions of England are improved if this vital new development is to take place. Developments are of course already taking place to improve the transport networks in and around the country, such as Network Rail’s Upgrade initiatives all around the country. However, there is much work to be done by other transport companies to advance the infrastructural possibilities of the area and the surroundings.

Furthermore, the private enterprise of the UK Northern Powerhouse Conference will be of great use to private individuals with a card to play in the transport and logistics industry. The kind offer to readers of Transport & Logistics should act as a welcome sign that the conference held in February in the city of Manchester will be of prime interest to all in attendance. Through this, it is hoped that the initiatives to prepare the transport networks with better services and support will ensure that London and the South will not be the only areas to profit from a huge infrastructure and business base.


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