North Tyneside Council Announced the Launch of their Landlord Training Partnership

North Tyneside Council Announced the Launch of their Landlord Training Partnership

The North Tyneside council has announced the launch of their Landlord Training Partnership. In cooperation with the National Landlord’s Association, the partnership has been created in order to bring a professional practice to the private rented sector.

This is the first partnership of its kind between a landlord body and a local council. The partnership aims to urge all landlords in the North Tyneside area to become accredited embers of the National Landlords Association. North Tyneside Council initiate the relationship with the landlord association with the idea of giving landlords some additional support that will help them to improve the standard of private rented accommodation within the borough.

The partnership that has been created will mean that the landlords who sign up as members of the NL will become accredited and will the receive a selection of benefits as well as incentives form the council that is estimated to be worth up to £300 per year. These incentives and benefits include Discounts on HMO and discretionary licenses, Access to commercial waste disposal sites and also free tenant checks and referencing.

On top of these incentives, landlords that sign up to the partnership will be able to make use of the benefits offered to members of the NLA which, amongst others, include Access to the Telephone Advice Line, Best Practice Tenancy agreements, forms and letters, and also a Bi-monthly subscription to UK Landlord which is said to be the premier magazine for landlords.

The new scheme could offer a greater amount of consistency for all landlords, and if successful and expanded, could see an improvement nationwide in the private rented sector. However at the moment, North Tyneside Council is the trailblazer for the partnership with the NLA.

There will be a private landlord’s forum at the offices of North Tyneside Council on Thursday 6th April from 6pm to 7:45.


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