Mick George Ltd Starts Vehicle Leasing Operations

Mick George Ltd Starts Vehicle Leasing Operations

The construction company Mick George Ltd has made public plans to diversify into the vehicle leasing industry. The company will be working with the help of Steve Howell, part owner of Neva Consultants to deliver vehicles at a reduced rate while also removing maintenance requirements and risks of depreciating values.

Mick George Ltd has expanded into this new market and have been operational for less than a week. So far the company has already secured two clients and have provided 25 Citroen Berlingo to one and 20 Mercedes C350E Hybrid vehicles to the other.

A construction company expanding into vehicle leasing seems an odd combination. However, businesses in the construction industry operate and maintain their fleets constantly in order to operate. Companies like Mick George operates more than 400 different vehicle types. Expanding into a new market does require some foresight as well as the knowledge required to suitably add this new service to the company’s portfolio of work.

Steve Howell from Neva Consultants has been working alongside Mick George for a number of years, supplying a range of company cars, vans, lorries and tipper trucks to be used by the construction company in larger volumes. This close business relationship will be beneficial for Mick George Ltd going forward, and will provide a boost to the company’s already successful start to the start.

The car leasing market appears to be doing well at the moment which is good news during the current uncertain climate, and it is predicted to remain strong. Mick George’s brand has developed a good, strong reputation which will be beneficial as the company is heading into a market that is known for bad press. It is thought that the company name will withstand the negative associations of the high pressured car sales industry as they look to expand and become a more successful company.


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