John Elliott, Managing Director of Millwood Designer Homes Comments on Theresa May’s Housing Commitments

John Elliott, Managing Director of Millwood Designer Homes Comments on Theresa May's Housing Commitments

John Elliott, the Managing Director of Millwood Designer Homes, a small House building company, has recently released a reflection on the Government’s pledges to help the housing crisis at their Conservative Party Conference at the start of the month.

Prime Minister Theresa May, in her Party Conference Speech announced that the Government will be investing an extra £10 billion into the Help to Buy Scheme as well as taking other action to make sure that the space is made available for housing to be created. With the lack of housing, created by years of not enough housing being built, has become a big problem for the current Government. Theresa May has pledged to get the government back into the business of building houses. The new investment that has been promised for the Help to Buy Scheme is great news for this push to create more housing. It was feared that this initiative was about to be scrapped, and remove much needed help for first time buyers.

The extra investment pledged by the Government will lead to another 135,000 people being able to get onto the housing ladder. The Managing Director of Millwood Designer Homes, John Elliott has said that, for small companies like them, the extra investment and pledge of support is great news and could help the construction industry to build the houses needed to reduce the deficit while also offering more affordable houses, allowing the younger generations to afford their first home.

The main point of Theresa May’s speech was to restore hope and offer a solution that will help to fix the UK housing market. The conscious effort made by the Government will also increase the confidence of construction and housebuilding companies so that they are able to deliver the ambitious targets set by the Government and will help to create a more economically stable UK housing market.


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