The Jailing of a Property Fraudster

The Jailing of a Property Fraudster

Excitement has hit the property and development sector with the news that Mister Tahir Khaliq has been jailed for up to 45 months by Bolton Crown Court for having been found guilty of nine separate accounts of fraud dealings. Similarly, Mister Khaliq’s partner in crime Paul Dickinson has been sentenced to 240 hours to service the community and has been issued a suspended sentence of no less than 2 years for his involvement in 6 insurance fraudster schemes. It is amazing that Mister Khaliq and accomplice got away with what they did for so long, having tricked tenancy holders by making them pay cash deposits and then holding onto them, citing “processing fees” for the reason they did not hand them back the money. And these were no small amounts either: indeed, some ranged in between £200 and £400 of cash.

Naturally, a large number of complaints were reported to Rochdale Trading Standards, the body that usually deals with matters of this kind. Smelling a rat, it was they who reported this to the National Trading Standards body in the north west, who then took it upon themselves to figure out what was happening and to find the culprits. Unfortunately for those that were affected by Tahir Khaliq’s criminal activities, most of them will not see the money returning to them. This is because the man used a number of different devices (such as false names, even adopting the moniker “Jack Daniels” in letters to various correspondents) in order to secure the money for his own purposes from his unsuspecting victims, most of whom were from the Rochdale and Oldham locations.

On the other hand, there is some consolation for those that were affected by Tahir Khaliq’s activities, since the Bolton Crown Court has ordered him to repay a total of £9,500 in compensation to the lives of those he affected, which included among others a pregnant mother.


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