Intertrust Has Commissioned Citigate Dewe Rogerson

Intertrust Has Commissioned Citigate Dewe Rogerson

Intertrust has commissioned Citigate Dewe Rogerson in order to gauge the mood of the investment market in Europe. The research found that 94% of investors that took part in the study say that they plan to maintain or increase their investment allocation to the Nordics over the course of 2017. This figure is the highest of any European market.

Intertrust, one of the leaders in global provision of high-value trust, fund and corporate services. The company commissioned the research in order to look at the European real estate market. The research showed that the Italian real estate market came in last, with only 16% of the investors that took part in the study said that they would increase their allocation in 2017. 22% of the investors in the Italian market said that they were actually likely to reduce their exposure in this market.

It I thought that the general appetite for investment in the real estate market remains strong, the research has shown that investors are limiting their appetite to move further up the risk curve by investing in emerging markets or investing earlier in the planning and construction process. Therefore, although the intention to invest is still there, higher risk investments are looking less attractive in the current climate. Only 30% of the investors asked to take part in the study said that they would look in to pursuing riskier strategy, whereas 56% have said that they would prefer to maintain their existing risk level.

According to the research the German Federal Election and the current Administration and the US White House as well as the Brexit negotiations are all having an impact on the decisions of investors. 73%, 68% and 58% of real estate investors respectively will take these factors in to consideration over the next 12 months. This allows the Nordic markets to enjoy their popularity for a little longer yet.


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