Educational Partnership Formed to Tackle Skills Gap Educational Partnership Formed to Tackle Skills Gap

Educational Partnership Formed to Tackle Skills Gap

The City of Glasgow College has formed a partnership with Building Contractors Training Group and Learn, Direct & Build in order to help address the technical skills supply shortage that is being faced in the UK construction industry. The partnership that has been formed hopes to transform the way that supervisor construction training programmes are delivered in the UK.

Building Contractors Training Group, BCTG Construct, is a consortium of educator, industrialists and designers who have created a blended learning programme in order to help the sector increase productivity and efficiency as well as reduce technical skills gap by offering supervisors on an anytime, anywhere learning experience.

The blended learning programme that is being offered by the City of Glasgow and their partners will help to improve the competence of the course supervisors and managers by offering them an opportunity to gain new knowledge of refresh their existing knowledge. The enhancements to the supervisors will lead to a greater level of efficiency in the management of construction sites as well as leading to the creation of a safer working environment and improve the overall standards in the UK construction industry. Essentially the partnership solution will help to reduce and perhaps eliminate post-handover defects.

The technical skills gap is getting larger in this industry and it is essential that those in the industry look at innovative educational solutions that can reduce the deficit. The new partnership will help to anticipate and then respond to the needs and expectations of existing and emerging supervisors in order to make sure that they have all of the skills that they require and the necessary experience for the role.

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By providing better learning and development opportunities, the construction industry can offer more knowledge as well as more effective job planning and productivity as well as in increased level of profit. Both businesses and employees can find the balance of work and learning challenging. Therefore, the provision of a new online learning platform through the partnership between City of Glasgow College, BCTG and Learn, Direct & Build offers a great solution for these problems and offers better flexibility for the individual.

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