Crest Nicholson Named Best FTSE 250 Printed Report at Corporate & Financial Awards

Crest Nicholson Named Best FTSE 250 Printed Report at Corporate & Financial Awards

The award-winning development company Crest Nicholson has been named as the winner of the Best FTSE 250 Printed Report at the Communicate magazine’s 2017 Corporate & Financial Awards. The developer has been awarded this prestigious title alongside their partner Flag Communications. The award was given for their 2016 Annual Integrated Report that manages to illustrate Crest Nicholson’s strategic corporate narrative to a number of key stakeholders in a concise manner.

Under the theme of ‘Sustaining Value’ the third Annual Integrated Report that was released by Crest Nicholson and uses a range of strong and high-impact visuals that create a clear design in order to make sure that the company’s long-term value creation story is compelling to stakeholders as well as informative and accessible.

The Corporate & Financial Awards took place at the Brewery in Central London and seeks to highlight and showcase the best in each class of the corporate and financial communications space. All of the awards given at the event are based on the detailed feedback that has been given by a panel of 20 expert judges. The 2017 Awards saw entries from a wide range of UK businesses take part.

The panel of judges offered praise to Crest Nicholson for their 2016 Annual Integrated Report as well as the different ways in which the development company has taken into consideration their various different audiences when presenting the information. The style and format of the report has also been taken into consideration in order to meet the differing needs of their stakeholders. Crest Nicholson also offer an online communications strategy in order to improve the reach of the report.

Over the course of the last three years, the development company have been adapting and changing their approach to reporting in order to offer information to stakeholders in a way that is reflective of the company. This has led the company to move from separate sustainability and annual reports to a fully integrated report with both a summary document and an online content.


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