Colliers Joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme Colliers Joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme

Colliers Joins Northern Powerhouse Partnership Programme

Leading global commercial real estate company Colliers has signed a contract making it now part of the government’s Northern Powerhouse partnership programme, following the lead of several other companies in the industry who have teamed up for the scheme.

The businesses that have showed support for the programme will now be campaigning to showcase the strengths of the north, as well as promoting new local developments across a wide range of areas such as transport, skills & innovation and culture.

Siemens, Peel group, Manchester Airports Group and Deloitte are just a few of the names that had already signed up to the programme, and with a company of Colliers’ stature now on board it seems that the government programme could have plenty of potential.

Andrew McFarlane, who is a director at Colliers and the North West head for the company, has commented, “As long-term supporters of the Northern Powerhouse we stand shoulder to shoulder with the government and our fellow partners and see tremendous potential in both the programme and the Northern Powerhouse.

“We’re already witnessing more interest in and understanding of the North from overseas investors and in particular, those in China and South Africa as positive momentum builds towards rebalancing the national economy with the creation of a vibrant and growing North offering a highly skilled population and a better place in which to live and work.”

There are now more than 50 major business, institutions and organisations that have backed the programme, so there is plenty of support from these industry leaders who firmly believe that the Northern economy has plenty of growth potential, and are therefore committing to successfully delivering that growth.

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This is only the start of what could be a very positive and influential programme for the north, with more companies expected to follow suit in the near future.

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