BrickVest Earns a Full-Scope AIFM License

BrickVest Earns a Full-Scope AIFM License

The Full-Scope FCA Alternative AIFM license that the company BrickVest has been awarded is a significant step for the property and development enterprise, which currently has its routes in London. With this new license being the first of its kind to be awarded towards an enterprise like BrickVest, which conducts its services to customers online, this is a significant progression for the firm into the years ahead. What it will effectively mean is that BrickVest will have a valid passport to allow it to conduct its affairs all across the member states of the European Union. Equally, this all-new passport will allow it to reach out and qualify beyond the 100 million Euro asset mark that is currently in practice for other medium enterprises and their management personnel.

In addition to this, the added perk of having a passport of this kind will mean that individuals and companies that seek to invest in BrickVest in the future will be protected at a greater level than before, through the implementation of various requirements and procedural steps to be taken now that BrickVest have the license. Many other enterprises similar to BrickVest have not yet been able to gain access to these valuable new tools for investment and improvement, which provide better security for small-to-medium enterprises and also allow them better opportunities for growth and expansion outside of the United Kingdom. Having been eager from the beginning of its foundations in managing assets and protecting its business interests, wherever they be in the world, the new license awarded to BrickVest is a positive sign for the company and signals them hope and peace of mind for the future years ahead.

Indeed, as Emmanuel Lumineau the Chief Executive Officer of the company explains, BrickVest is totally committed to maintaining solid relationships with its European partners, which comprise 79 per cent of the company’s overall investors. It is thus crucial at a time like this that BrickVest continue to maintain this positive relationship with our European neighbors.


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