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NAPSA Nominated for the 2024 Service Provider of the Year Award at Blue Bricks Property Awards

The National Association of Professional Sourcing Agents (NAPSA) is excited to share that it has been shortlisted for the Service Provider of the Year Award at the esteemed Blue Bricks Property Awards 2024.

Established to enhance standards, safety, and reputation, NAPSA serves as both an educational and compliance platform for property sourcing agents, and a no-cost search tool for property investors. This nomination underscores their pivotal role and ongoing efforts to improve the property sourcing sector.

NAPSA, an education and compliance platform for property sourcing agents and free search tool for property investors, has been created with the sole purpose of improving standards, safety and reputation in the property sourcing sector.

The Service Provider of the Year award is designed to recognise businesses that supply goods or services to the property industry, going above and beyond in their role to make the lives of property investors and developers easier.

The National Association has continued to provide 1:1 support and compliance checks for all sourcing agents; developed the NAPSA Code of Practice followed by both property redress schemes, The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and The Property Redress Scheme (the PRS); and continued to provide education and guidance for all property sourcing agents, property investors and the wider property community.

“NAPSA launched in 2022 and through creating official partnerships with both property redress schemes and close working relationships with HMRC AML Team and NTSELAT (National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team),  we are at the forefront of any changes in regulation or the interpretation of it and in a great position to pass this information on to our members. Forging a new path for those sourcing agents that want to operate professionally, legally and ethically” – Tina Walsh, CEO of NAPSA

Founder and CEO of NAPSA, Tina Walsh has also received a nomination for The Property Paragon Award at the same awards event, which is a recognition to someone who has dedicated themselves to helping others. This award is given to someone who has made huge steps to help local communities, charities or individuals.


“I am truly honoured to be nominated for this award, it is so important to increase awareness in our industry about how professional the sourcing sector could be, and the dangers that many investors face when working with those sourcing agents that simply choose to ignore the regulations. My mission is to significantly improve standards, and safety in the sourcing sector and this nomination can only help to spread the word even further, thank you.”

NAPSA has grown over the last 12 months, gaining three new named partners including both property redress schemes, as well as Insurance-Desk, and launched a new Member Webinar series each month with guest speakers from the sourcing sector.

The Association is now working with Members to develop ways for property investors to search and communicate with professional and compliant property sourcing agents, as well as provide further education to sourcing agents operating day to day.

The Blue Bricks Property Awards will be held on 19th June at Peckforton Castle, Chester. The ceremony, celebrating and rewarding innovation and excellence, will be filled with professionals from the property industry, coming together to celebrate achievements and network. 

Judges for the awards and attendees include industry celebrities (as seen on Sky TV), angel investors and high-net-worth business owners. It will be a prestigious evening filled with like-minded property professionals, celebrating great achievements within the sector. 

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