T.A.P. Architects Unveil Major Expansion of DFDS Logistics Base T.A.P. Architects Unveil Major Expansion of DFDS Logistics Base

T.A.P. Architects Unveil Major Expansion of DFDS Logistics Base

T.A.P. Architects have unveiled a major expansion of a DFDS Logistics base in Larkhall, which will incorporate a 2,500 m sq cold store, office space and reception.

The expansion, built to service heavy goods vehicles carrying cargos of packaged food, was necessitated by the rising demand for increased capacity.

Limited space prompted the architects to build a svelte extension onto the front of the existing office building which is also used as a reception space, with a triple height staircase running the full height of the lightwell to a new upper floor.

The architects released a statement, which read: “The new reception block takes on a simple cubic form; a vertical counterpoint to the long, horizontal chillstore buildings. Clad in profiled, metallic panels, with large areas of glazing providing ample daylight to the office spaces within and good, long views out to the north and east, it has a distinctive presence within the industrial park.

“Sitting within an environment dominated by large scale structures and the constant movement of heavy goods vehicles, a new entrance forecourt provides a space with a more human scale. Defined by concrete planters filled with native species, steps and ramps these bring variety and a sense of enclosure to the building approach.”

Following a strong performance in the second quarter of the year, in which its freight volumes went up by 33%, DFDS Group has raised its outlook for this year.

The increase comes thanks to its much expanded English Channel ferry capacity and 9% growth in other areas of its network.

The expanded ferry capacity in the Channel business unit supported 63% higher freight volumes and 23% more passengers, while freight volumes were up by 9% in all other parts of the network. “The Logistics Division achieved strong earnings growth through higher volumes and efficiency in both trailer operations and contract logistics,” the Copenhagen-headquartered group said.

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