Rotherham Councillors Granted Them Funds For the Acquisition of Forge Island

Rotherham Councillors Granted Them Funds For the Acquisition of Forge Island

The town of Rotherham near Sheffield will see the councillors jubilant that the local regional council authority of the Sheffield City Region has finally granted them the funds to pay for the acquisition of Forge Island. Running at a total of 1.5 million pounds, this will be enough for Rotherham Council to have full access of the land which they intend to use in order to increase the night life of the town. The area known as Forge Island will, after a successful but time-consuming process that saw off other competitors, be bought off its current owner Tesco to allow for the council to begin plans to renovate the area.

Damien Wilson of Rotherham Council is confident that buying this land will be a wonderful long-term investment for the community and Rotherham inhabitants, and will attract more attention to the town as a whole and improve its popularity as a night-time hotspot in the North of England. Mister Wilson explains that a number of new dining outlets as well as leisure activity centers will be built on the land of The Forge to improve the retail figures that the town has been achieving so far. This will however not be taking place until Tesco agrees to an official handover of the land itself, which the council strongly hopes to put forward into motion.

It is strongly hoped that once this is done, initiatives to knock down the current site on top of the land will take place so that land investors can see the area that is on offer to them as soon as possible so that retail planning and construction work can commence as soon as possible. Developers and the council are looking forward to seeing a first template of what the land will be used for this very April. Indeed, the buying of The Forge area of land is one of numerous other developments that are due to take to place in the town of Rotherham this year.


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