River Thames Highlighted as Major Player in London Growth

River Thames Highlighted as Major Player in London Growth

The River Thames has a long time been viewed as a classic landmark of the City of London, but it has perhaps suffered some neglect from leading forces within the business and investment sectors along with the property and development industries. On the other hand, it is clear that the Conservative housing minister Gavin Barwell MP is conducting an initiative to ensure that the river is an integral part of the initiative to promote the business and investment prospects of the city. Through various recently scheduled meetings, it is clear that he wants to be able to involve the river more in the investment prospects of the city.

One of the initiatives that he has undertaken involves the Thames Vision project which he has been told more about through recent meetings with Robin Mortimer of the Port of London Authority (also known as the PLA). This particular projected enterprise is designed to ensure that the river and people living alongside it will not be left out by the developments that will take place in London over the next few decades. It is estimated that the overall population of the capital, despite the fact that its prices are becoming less and less affordable thus forcing people to move out into the Greater London and surrounding suburban areas, will reach a total of over 11 million by the time 2050 arrives around the corner.

This clearly means that the business and investment landscape across the city will have undergone a series of major changes and developments that might seem unforeseeable at the moment but will become a reality in less an amount of time than we think. By arranging meetings with a representative of the Port of London, it is evident that Gavin Barwell MP is clearly looking at the different ways in which the government and businesses can contribute towards making the river a vital hub for business and investment so that it can prosper along with the iconic city.


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