Hadley Property Group and L&Q Have Liaised Together For Refurishments

Hadley Property Group and L&Q Have Liaised Together For Refurishments

The property firms of Hadley Property Group and L&Q have liaised together in their commitment to regenerate the center of Walthamstow in the eastern region of London. This will include the implementation of a grand total of 473 habitations, as well as an adjacent park and an area for commerce that will breathe life into the town’s infrastructure. The approval from the borough council for the two companies to commence building work on the new 473-strong accommodation site has been in place since May 2016 and it is told that 97 of them will be deemed “affordable” by today’s standards.

However, the borough council of Waltham Forest will yet have more of a role to play in this ongoing saga to regenerate the town as more proposals have been put forward to increase the amount of cost-effective hiring space in the area. Effectively therefore, with the council’s approval, more than 100 new offices and homes could be classed as affordable in the area. What this shows is that the plans are still very much in progress and the results of this ambitious refurbishment have yet to be confirmed. Spokesmen from both Hadley and L&Q have expressed their gratitude to the local council’s cooperation with them, indicating that Walthamstow is a place that welcomes redevelopment schemes to improve the quality of life and infrastructure of its inhabitants.

Whilst the 2,786 square meter space is currently being used as a parking area, it is hoped that by 2019 it will be fully functioning as an all-new retail and leisure site for visitors and local residents. Furthermore, Hadley and L&Q have agreed that the construction of the space will employ locals as part of the workforce, thus providing more forms of employment to the local community and ensuring that the redevelopment of the town is a community project as well as an ambitious business venture for the two property businesses.


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