Easter Décor Ideas for Your Home Easter Décor Ideas for Your Home

Easter Décor Ideas for Your Home

The family gathering, joyous spring festivities of Easter are approaching fast and now it is the perfect time to decorate your home with flowers, egg baskets, pastel colours, and Easter bunnies. The central piece of this holiday is definitely the table, so make sure it looks original and as festive as possible.

Fresh flowers are the ‘go to’ when it comes to bringing the spring spirit into your home – daffodils, tulips and hyacinths will make your kitchen and dining room bloom. Fresh and fragrant, flowers create a beautiful spring atmosphere in any room. Use colourful decorative motif and go for vibrant green, pink, blue and gold or pastel colours. And as tradition tells us, we must not forget the Easter eggs and Easter bunny.

Setting up the table depends on what you like to see. If you prefer neutral tones, go for a beige or pink and fill up your Easter baskets with beautifully painted eggs. Chickens, rabbits and sheep numbers, coloured glass beads and feathers will increase the effect of table decorations. The most important thing however, is to let your imagination go wild and be inventive.

If you live in a small apartment, keep in minds that garlands and large ceramic figurines just take too much space. Instead, you could decorate the door with a small, colourful garland and place flowers and bunny figurines on the dresser and dining table. Your basket with the Easter eggs could easily go on the window sill.

Match colour Easter decorations with the institution and the colour of the walls. For example, a purist interior could be highlighted by colourful flower arrangements, while an eclectic one should use simple, monochrome decorations to better accentuate it.

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If you’re stuck for ideas or just not a DIY type of person, then a simple search on Google will sort you out. And don’t forget that the supermarkets are full of flower arrangements and ornaments!

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