Crest Nicholson to Build Major New Development

Crest Nicholson to Build Major New Development

Members of the property and development industry will no doubt be very interested to know that a company known as Crest Nicholson has been recently granted planning permission for a new development that will provide the two things that are in want in these hard times: accommodation and jobs. Crest Nicholson are very pleased that the proposal has been approved, and will begin work on a site known as Henley Gate located in Ipswich.

This initiative falls under the banner of the Ipswich Garden Suburb Scheme, a plan under way to create a more suburban community in the local Ipswich area and Crest Nicholson’s plan to develop a total of more than 1,000 properties is very welcome news across the region. Indeed, the plan is that not only will Crest Nicholson provide the development of these brand new homes in the area, but they will also enact the building, design and construction of a Country Park that will total 30 hectares as a whole and will equally be able to house new various food and retail outlets. Through this, the Ipswich community will be greatly aided in its infrastructure and it is estimated that a total of 186 new employment opportunities will be made available to the local populace in order to ensure that the area remains and continues to be prosperous and the pride and joy of the Ipswich community.

It is evident that the work itself to construct the development plan will provide jobs in the local community at a total of 130 and this is excellent news for the community that a company like Crest Nicholson is investing itself into the local area and ensuring its regeneration for future generations. The enthusiasm of Andrew Dobson the company MD cannot be overstated and he is pleased that this indicates are continuing in the vein of their past as a property and development enterprise that gives something back to the communities and environments that allow it prosper.


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