Choosing a Washroom Hand Dryer for Your Property Choosing a Washroom Hand Dryer for Your Property

Choosing a Washroom Hand Dryer for Your Property

Hand dryers are a staple commodity in most commercial property washrooms. Once installed, they are cheaper and more eco-friendly than paper towels, with no waste going into bins.

Hygiene concerns surrounding the original push button models have long since been overcome by the arrival of automatic dryers activated by a motion sensor when someone places their hands adjacent to it.

Although automatic switch on has become standard for the modern washroom hand dryer, there are still plenty of other choices to make. Here is a brief overview of the main types of hand dryer available on the market, and the key reasons why you might want to choose each for your property.

Traditional automatic

These are the classic hand dryer design, with the motion sensor underneath the main unit and an adjustable funnel directing the airstream downwards onto the hands. Hand dryers in this mould tend to be sturdy, reliable and affordable, with hard-wearing outer shells often built around a stainless steel casing which make them perfect for high volume environments like schools and colleges.

High speed

A common complaint about washroom hand dryers is that they take too long to do the job, usually due to the airstream not being strong or hot enough. High speed models solve this issue the obvious way – by cranking up the temperature and the power of the airstream. Models in this category can achieve drying times of 10-12 seconds, which is great in high volume environments or in the workplace where time is of the essence. The downside is that they also consume more power than conventional models, although many include a heater control so you can select hot and cold temperatures.

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Eco washroom hand dryers make the most of modern energy efficient technology to deliver high speed performance for less power consumption. Although the initial outlay for an eco hand dryer may be higher, you quickly recoup costs by using less electricity. Perfect for large office buildings where energy is a key overhead, eco hand dryers are also ideal if you are looking to improve environmental ratings in your property.

Fast dry

Modern fast dry appliances combine the best of eco-friendly energy efficient performance with fast drying speeds. A typical example is the now famous cradle design where hands are placed vertically between two panels. These types of hand dryer use cooler air fired at higher speeds from two directions to achieve fast drying times. Other models which take the more traditional approach of blowing air downwards include drip trays underneath, and use cooler air to effectively blow water off the hands. Again, the benefit of cooler air is lower energy consumption without affecting drying times,

Whichever model hand dryer you opt for, be sure to choose a suitable service contract with a well-regarded company. Keeping your washroom hand dryers in good working order is all part of guaranteeing the best bathroom experience possible on your premises. At Hygieneco, we specialise in both the technology and the service you need to keep your washrooms in prime condition at all times. To find out more, please visit

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