Top 5 Home Security Gadgets for Your Property

Choosing what security you want for your home can be a tricky business, with the rise of smart security saturating the market like never before. Still, it may be surprising to learn that only 40% of British homeowners actually have a burglar alarm installed, and a third of those homeowners regularly neglecting to set the alarm.

That remaining 60% may have other security measures in place, though, and while a burglar alarm offers the most significant improvements to a property’s security, other available gadgets can be useful in different ways. To help you decide, here are our top 5 home security gadgets.

1) Video doorbells

One effective way to help secure your house is with a video doorbell. These systems beam a video of potential guests straight to your smartphone before you allow them enter your home, giving you significant control of your property.

Some products, like Blink’s new video doorbell, even include two way audio, allowing you to interact with guests before they enter. This and products like also include motion detection, infrared night vision and waterproofing, giving them high levels of security, as well as durability. Products like the Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell also let you control the doorbell via voice command.

2) Wireless CCTV cameras

Whilst providing you with a useful extra layer of protection, video doorbells are not as effective as CCTV systems for your home. Wireless CCTV cameras offer more security than the aforementioned video doorbells as they can be located in higher places, which can provide you with a range of visibility that you just don’t get with doorbell cameras.

They also offer a number of advantages in comparison to traditional security cameras, such as providing you with remote access, being cheaper and easier to install, and generally offering higher-quality images and audio.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that despite this, traditional cameras are not prone to signal interference like wireless cameras, are larger and more visible (making them an effective deterrent) and also cannot be remotely hacked. Whilst the threat of a wireless camera being hacked is low if you take care when installing them, many smart products, including cameras, can be vulnerable to external hacks.

3) Smart door locks

Smart door locks are another innovative way to protect your home, and will enhance the security of your video doorbell. Gadgets such as Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock safeguard you by allowing you to remotely control access who you let into your house through your smartphone, wherever you are.

You can create approved lists for those you want to let into your home, who also simply use the corresponding app on their own smartphones to enter. This makes your life significantly easier as you can easily give access to others without needing to have additional keys cut.

You are alerted when somebody enters your home and can remove anyone from the list at any point to revoke their access, ensuring you have complete control. You can also use a key fob or a standard key to use the lock instead of your smartphone, if you prefer. Again, this product alone is probably not enough to secure your home, but can nonetheless be a useful addition.

4) Modern security lightning

Smart lightning options can be another great addition to your home security. For example, the Saxby Security light sends out a gleaming glare whenever its sensors are activated. This makes it not only a boost for your security but useful for your own home comfort. This type of technology can also give you substantial control of your own security. Gadgets like the Philips Hue Lighting System go even further than the Saxby system, by providing you with extensive automation options.

This allows you to control when you want various lights on your property to turn on. This can either be time automated, like when the sun sets, or motion sensored, such as when you pull out of your driveway. The system works both inside and outdoors.

However, it is worth considering that the smart light bulbs needed for this system are extremely expensive; each Philips Hue bulb costs 10 to 20 times the amount of a regular light bulb. Such systems may again also need to be complemented by other security features.

5) Dummy deterrents

For those who don’t want to splash out significant sums on their security, then dummy security devices  could be the way forward. It is well established that CCTV cameras are an effective deterrent in themselves. Although you won’t get the added security benefits of a working camera, you do get their effects as a visual deterrent at a substantially cheaper price.

The same can be said of motion sensor dog barking alarm systems, such as those sold by Zennox. They use radar technology to detect any intruders and, when triggered, emit the sound of a vicious barking German Shepherd to foil any criminals from breaking into your property.

Like security cameras, the presence of a dog is considered one of the biggest deterrents for burglars, according to a group of former criminals. These motion sensored systems cost a lot less than an actual dog, and can still be just a effective as a burglary prevention device.

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