What is Property and Development Magazine? 

Advertising with Property & Development Magazine couldn’t be simpler. With a number of exciting opportunities both in print and online, we can facilitate the growth of your business through targeted marketing and content distribution. With a combined print and online readership in excess of 100,000, Property & Development Magazine, one of the UK’s leading national trade publications, is the place to promote any and all property and facilities related services as well as new product ranges.

On a monthly basis we work with a multitude of repeat and new clients looking to promote their business with Property & Development Magazine, often including, but not limited to: architects, designers, insurance agencies, managing agents, heating and ventilation contractors, engineering practices and more. Follow in the footsteps of giants and advertise with Property & Development Magazine.

Property & Development Magazine

With a comprehensive raft of opportunities at your fingertips, you can be sure that we, at Property & Development Magazine, can tailor advertising,  or advertorial space in the magazine to suit your needs. By tapping into the expertise of our entirely in-house design and editorial teams, we can work alongside you to create suitable content for your business in a number of different formats. Even with the regard to position the magazine, we’d be happy to work with you to ensure that your advert is placed in a position both relevant to the readership and also suitable for your business and your respective marketing ambitions.


Should be sent digitally via email either as a work doc or embedded in the email (if the text is provided as hard copy then we do not accept responsibility for any errors occurring during re-typing).


  • Should be sent digitally via email as JPEGS at 300dpi.
  • Letterheads only accepted of nothing else is available.
  • (using letterheads etc means a reduction in quality and colour reproduction)


  • Provided as print-ready PDFS
  • (with embedded font and high res images)
  • or as HI-res JPEGS (300dpi)

Owners / Company Directors

Procurement Decision Makers

Keen to Engage with new Manufacturing partners

Senior Management within Large Enterprises

Property & Development Magazine Online

Online, we have a number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities, ranging from traditional website adverts in a range of sizes, all the way through to newsletter sponsorship, digital magazine exclusive sponsorship, directly listings and even the production of digital white papers and brochures. As we able to effectively tailor your space to your needs, and distribute it in a way most effective for your business, we, at Property & Development Magazine are assuredly able to push your brand on a national scale.

Should you wish to distribute content directly through our website, in the news feed, then we would be happy to facilitate this also for original or sponsored content.


Home Page Advertising Rates

Top Banner
  • 1110px x 190px
Standard Banners
  • 1110px x 110px
Large Skyscraper
  • 300px x 600px
Standard MPU
  • 300px x 250px

Sub-section Advertising Rates

Top Banner
  • 1110px x 190px
Standard Banner
  • 1110px x 110px
Large Skyscraper
  • 300px x 600px
Standard MPU
  • 300px x 250px

Newsletter Advertising Rates

Top Banner
  • 600px x 180px
Standard Banner
  • 600px x 180px

White Papers

8 Page Brochure
  • 8 page / 1500 words digital company brochure
12 Page Brochure
  • 12 page / 2000 words digital company brochure
16 Page Brochure
  • 14 page / 2500 words digital company brochure

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