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How to Keep Your Boiler in Great Condition Year-Round

A well-maintained boiler not only keeps you warm and comfortable in winter -- it also costs less to run and is significantly less likely to develop leaks, damaged components and other common problems. Whether your goal is to save money or avoid last-minute calls to the boiler repair specialists, it’s always best to keep your boiler maintained and in top condition. Below, we’ve listed seven ways to keep your boiler in great condition in any season, from summer to the…

Like the rest of the world, the property sector is being swept along with the rapidly changing digital landscape as demand for new technologies increases.

The age of social media: how landlords can benefit

From listing properties and finding tenants, to screening prospective tenants and much more, the uses of social media in the rental sector are wide ranging. In the age of social media, personal information is fast becoming public property. Millions are now willingly sharing information which was previously confidential; photos, political views, work history and even whereabouts can be found in a few clicks. It’s now easier than ever to build a picture of someone’s habits and tendencies with just basic…

Lovell Continues to Build More Homes

Lovell Continues to Build More Homes

Lovell continues to work on the £250 million scheme on Salisbury Plain in South Wiltshire, part of the Army Basing Programme (ABP) that aims to create more than 900 new homes for troops and their families that are relocating from Germany to Bulford, Larkhill and Ludgershall. At the moment, Lovell is working on 225 homes at Bulford, where the roads and sewers have substantially progressed, a third of foundations are already laid and work is now starting on the timber…

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Managing An Award Winning Wedding Venue

How to make a success of your wedding business Good quality facilities management is key to running a successful wedding venue that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Running a wedding venue can be an incredibly profitable and rewarding business – after all, you’re helping couples to plan one of the happiest days of their lives. But it’s not all hearts and roses; managing a successful wedding venue requires commitment, creativity and sheer hard work. First and foremost, you…

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A guide to building regulations for property investors and developers

Securing planning permission is only the first part of undertaking construction works in a legal manner. The second part is to ensure compliance with the building regulations. These are set out in the “Approved Documents”, which are essential reading for anyone involved in property development. Property investors should also be aware of them since they are a crucial part of the building process and therefore investors are recommended only to part with their cash if they are sure that a…

Like the rest of the world, the property sector is being swept along with the rapidly changing digital landscape as demand for new technologies increases.

Which areas are best to invest in and what software should you use to manage your investments?

There has been much talk about the lack of investment opportunities in the UK in recent years. And it seems to be getting worse, with some UK cities now offering worse rental yields than they did a few months ago. It may even be too late to invest in properties near the long-awaited Elizabeth line in London, as the benefits are already priced in. The good news is that there are still some areas which offer good investment potential. UK…

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How to keep your brain sharp in the trading business?

The trading business mostly requires brainpower. Because the more strategic you are, the more successful you will be. Thus, it is clear that you will have to work on improving your strategy. But, not all the traders can make a good trading strategy. This is because it needs a cool mindset and dedication to your work. For making an effective trading strategy, you will also need a relaxed working environment. It is not that hard for any trader. You just…

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Milestone for Big Ben Conservation Project

The final piece of the 98 metre high scaffolding was installed by contractor Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd and it was celebrated with a ceremony at the top of the Elizabeth Tower. "The steel structure encasing the Elizabeth Tower consists of nearly 24,000 elements, weighs 800 tonnes and has taken just over a year to complete,” said Ian Ailles, director general of the House of Commons. "Despite a complex programme and challenging weather conditions earlier this year, we are on schedule,…

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Project Sunroof Is Coming to the UK

Project Sunroof, an informative location based analysis tool to help British homeowners save money on their energy bills by installing solar panels on their roofs, has been launched in the UK by Google. In partnership with energy supplier E. on, the Project Sunroof tool collates data from Google’s Earth and Maps apps to estimate potential savings. It uses satellite imagery and machine learning to estimate how much solar potential a particular property might have, taking into consideration certain features of…

Five Stars for Customer Satisfaction for Local Housebuilders
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Five Stars for Customer Satisfaction for Local Housebuilders

Local builders Barratt Developments Yorkshire West and Yorkshire East have received the maximum five-star rating for the ninth year in a row in the new Home Builders Federation (HBF) annual New Homes Survey. The stars are awarded based on the ‘would you recommend your builder to a friend?’ question, to which 90% of Barratt Developments customers answered ‘yes’. “Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is hugely challenging. It requires leadership from Board level downwards and commitment from all areas of…