Sustainable Construction in 2021 Sustainable Construction in 2021

Going Green: Big Shift Towards Sustainable Construction in 2021

  • A new study by Roofing Megastore has used Google data to analyse which styles of construction and building materials are seeing the biggest spikes in interest
  • Regenerative building design and architecture are growing most in popularity, with Google searches increasing 600% and 212% respectively
  • Brits are also increasingly interested in zero carbon building, sustainable property development, and passive housing

New research by Roofing Megastore reveals Brits are increasingly interested in more sustainable forms of construction. The study analysed Google search data over the past two years for different construction methods and building materials to uncover which have seen the biggest increases in interest over time.

Regenerative building design and architecture were the clear winners among styles of construction, increasing 600% and 212% respectively. Amongst the building materials, most of the top spots went to sustainable alternatives to traditional concrete, such as rammed earth. Despite its many strengths, concrete’s harmful effects on the environment cannot be denied. In fact, if global concrete production were considered a country, it would count for 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions, coming third to the US and China.

This eco-friendly shift comes alongside the government’s £134m pledge to build back better, as well as moves by some of the industry’s biggest names. Sustainability-focused not-for-profit Changing Streams has recently partnered with Arup, aiming to work alongside their experts and identify where plastic waste can be reduced in construction. Global construction and consultancy firm Mace has also pledged to reduce single-use plastics in its “Time to Act” campaign.

Top 10 Eco Friendly Construction Styles Increasing Most in Popularity in 2020

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1.            Regenerative Building Design                     600.00%

2.            Regenerative Architecture                           212.24%

3.            Eco Friendly Architecture                             158.72%

4.            Eco Friendly Construction                            154.29%

5.            Zero Carbon Building                                     142.29%

6.            Eco Friendly House Construction               141.67%

7.            Sustainable Property Development           134.48%

8.            Eco Houses                                                      133.68%

9.            Passive Housing                                              112.94%

10.         Sustainable Construction                             112.57%

Gian-Carlo Grossi, Managing Director at Roofing Megastore commented: “As COVID-19 brought our physical health to the forefront, we also had a chance to consider the health of the world around us. Last year showed Brits turning clearly towards green alternatives to traditional construction methods and materials, as we all seek to create a healthier, more sustainable built environment moving into 2021 and beyond.”

The full research, including broader trends in the construction industry can be found at: