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Jones Digital launch exclusive range of Video Marketing Services

Jones Digital, the UK’s fastest growing digital powerhouse for the KBB, interior design and new build sectors is proud to launch an exclusive range of Video Marketing Services: four custom digital media packages, designed to support the UK retailer with excellent cost-benefit ratio.  

Founder and Managing Director, Peter Jones says, “We felt it was the right time to build on the momentum gained with the launch of Jones Digital and respective 360° showroom tours by introducing a new menu of user-friendly digital marketing packages, which are designed to elevate and empower specialist KBB retailers and interior design studios across the UK.

Jones Digital Video Marketing-already known for providing first class multi-media brand solutions and engaging content online, we felt it important to continue to expand and define our business offering so that new and existing customers have the option to build our digital solutions into their ongoing marketing strategy, as needed.”

Working in partnership with Virtual 360° Tours Glos, Jones Digital has been able to respond to the ever-changing consumer landscape and ecommerce trends that are generating online sales leads for the independent to convert. We already know that serious customers will visit a virtual showroom up to 7 or 8 times, so retailers need to make sure they can engage with self-selecting clients who are keen to spend with them.

These types of bolt-on digital solutions offer an excellent ROI, as they will increase dwell time on a website and encourage customers to spend more time exploring their options with tags, links and videos of products for a more inclusive showroom experience from the outset.

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Now available for retail customers across the UK, you can choose from the following custom Video Marketing Packages to keep your brand agile and support your customer’s journey:

1.      SHOWCASE COLLECTION: 90-second feature video, a 30 second sharable video and five 10 second bite-sized clips. These videos showcase your showroom and all of the leading brands and products available. The video reel will be inter-spliced with interview footage from a brand representative or business owner, providing you with a prime platform to discuss your brand story and company values direct to the customer. Priced from £1,500 +vat.

2.      SHOWROOM DISCOVERY VIDEO: 60-second feature video showcasing your showroom and all of the leading brands and products available, inter-spliced with interview footage from a brand representative or business owner, as outlined in Package 1. Priced from £1,250 +vat.

3.      EXAMPLE COOKING DEMO: 3-minute feature video, made up of short clips showcasing an industry expert demonstrating on nominated equipment while highlighting key features and benefits to the end user. Priced from £1,660 +vat, and note the fee excludes hiring a home economist/brand champion/chef, food and equipment, if required.

4.      EXAMPLE EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY: 90-second feature video showcasing the buzz and excitement following a real-time showroom event. Including interview statements from brand representatives, vox pop interviews that capture key information about the event and all of the products being showcased and/or announced. Priced from £1,300 +vat.

Peter adds “We have enjoyed phenomenal success in our partnership with Scott Currie and Virtual 360 Tours Glos, which is why we have launched these video marketing services to respond to the overwhelming demand and continue to work with some of the most well-known brands and charismatic figures inside (and outside) of the kbb industry.”

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, please contact Jones Digital → Unit 17, Newhaven Enterprise Centre, Denton Island, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 9BA – United Kingdom | t 0207 486 1777 | w

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