Unconventional Studio Flat in Posh Pimlico Offers Quirky Charm for £46,740 per Year

Nestled in the heart of upscale Pimlico in central London, a studio flat with a distinctive character has hit the rental market, albeit at a staggering annual cost of £46,740. This unique abode features an unconventional bedroom accessed by a steep ladder, adding an element of whimsy to its otherwise compact quarters.

The studio, tailored to accommodate a solitary tenant, does offer the modern conveniences of a well-appointed kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, it surprises with the presence of a private balcony, which enhances the overall appeal.

The standout feature of this studio, situated within a 19th-century Regency-listed building, is its elevated sleeping platform. Positioned above the front entrance, the bedroom is accessible only via a steep white ladder. Despite its charming decor and wall-mounted shelves, the bedroom seems to challenge the notion of adequate standing space, especially during the process of getting in and out of bed.

The monthly rental for this exclusive property is set at £3,895, translating to an eye-watering £46,740 annually. While this sum may raise eyebrows, it’s worth noting that for the same yearly cost, potential residents could purchase two terraced homes in Hull, East Yorkshire—a significantly more affordable locale in the UK where such properties can be found for as little as £20,000.

The rent for this studio flat includes utilities, sparing tenants from the hassle of additional bills. However, broadband services are not covered. Prospective occupants can secure their tenancy starting in January, with a minimum three-month stay requirement. It’s worth noting that amenities such as parking and gardens are unavailable, and pets are not permitted.

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This unique property is listed on OpenRent, although there is no explicit mention of the distinctive bedroom arrangement in the listing description. The studio is described as follows: “This beautiful central London boutique studio apartment in Pimlico consists of a kitchenette and a private bathroom, all newly renovated. The property comes with a private front-facing balcony with beautiful sunset views of London’s very own renowned distinctive 19th-century Regency architecture. Three minutes walking distance to Pimlico Underground station and 10 minutes to Victoria Station. Neighboring Chelsea, Belgravia, and Westminster, this is a very central location. Stroll down the nearby fascinating Pimlico Road with its organic cafes and antique shops. Within 10 minutes to Harrods, Buckingham Palace, and Battersea Park.”