Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Bid Farewell to Miami Residence, Selling After £1.6m Price Slash

A captivating waterfront manor, once graced by the presence of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, has been passed into new hands, signifying the couple’s transition towards fresh horizons.

Lingering on the real estate market for a span nearing a year, the six-bedroom haven underwent a substantial markdown of £1.6m ($2m) in a strategic maneuver to allure potential buyers.

Having journeyed from Los Angeles to the opulent Miami abode in 2021, the harmonious duo of the Jonas Brothers vocalist and the luminous star of Game of Thrones opted to relinquish ownership after merely two years.

Encompassing a generous expanse of 10,414 square feet, the domicile boasts a total of nine lavatories, a culinary artist’s kitchen, dual aquamarine reservoirs, and a private dock stretching 94 feet along the tranquil waterfront.

Spanning two levels, the contemporary dwelling embraces the sun’s embrace with its capacious floor-to-ceiling windows, effortlessly illuminating the interiors.

Stepping into the realm of leisure, a games chamber unfolds—a regal billiards table, an iconic Pac-Man artwork, and a hearth that dances with the warmth of burning wood, creating an ambiance conducive to engaging in midnight contests.

A formal dining chamber exudes vivacity—emerald-hued furnishings, azure walls that mirror the sky’s hue, crowned by an accompanying glass chandelier.

Venturing outdoors, a commodious pool at the waterfront is neighbored by a smaller children’s pool, offering vistas of the tranquil harbour while indulging in the sun’s caress.

A creative metamorphosis orchestrated by interior virtuoso Sarah Ivory imbued the living spaces with an eclectic blend of multicoloured appointments and crystalline embellishments. This aesthetic fusion has been aptly dubbed ‘Cali meets Bali.’

David Pullman from Sotheby Realty, speaking on behalf of the buyers, described the domicile’s essence, “A nod to Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural ethos infused with the tropical vitality of Miami. A convergence of uniqueness and self-expression, seamlessly aligning with the vivacity of this city.”

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Initially listed for $17m (£13.6m) under the guardianship of Compass, the couple embraced a revaluation of the price, ultimately sealing the deal at $15m (£11.8m).

Despite this course correction, the celebrity luminaries harvested a gratifying profit of $4m (£3m), an affirming testament to their initial investment of $11m (£8.6m).

As they bid adieu to their Floridian abode, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner depart with both enriched memories and a prosperous outcome.