Controversial London Studio: A Tiny Space with a Big Price Tag

A studio apartment in West Cromwell Road, Earls Court, London, has sparked controversy due to its extremely compact size and shared bathroom facilities, all with a monthly rent of £1,170, which includes bills.

Although this rent might seem reasonable compared to the average of around £1,384 per month for studios in the area, the photos of the studio tell a different story. The living space is so small that it’s challenging to move around comfortably. The bed is located inches away from a small cooking area with a microwave and a tiny table. Oddly placed shelving hovers above the mattress, and the wardrobe is positioned right next to the door.

Adding to the challenges, tenants must share bathroom facilities. However, to counteract the confined space, the apartment complex does offer a sizable communal garden for residents to enjoy.

The tiny studio has garnered significant attention on social media, where users expressed their shock and disbelief at the living conditions it offers.

Some of the online comments include:

  • Paige Anscombe: “No bigger than a corridor.”
  • Reece Gleghorn: “What in the Habbo Hotel?”
  • Barry: “Breakfast in bed.”
  • Mila: “I’m so glad I live with my mum because this housing crisis is serious.”
  • A concerned user: “Shared bathroom for £1,170?? It’s not just the space, it’s the disrespect.”
  • Another user: “Look at the window tho, what happened to allow this to even be an option!? Scary times.”

The studio’s minuscule size and high rent have ignited a debate about the challenges of affordable housing in London and the living conditions faced by tenants in some properties.

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