Wharf Worktops – Quality solid surface partner for UK customers

British-made Wharf Worktops

Wharf Worktops, one of the UK’s ground-breaking independent manufacturers of seamless solid surfaces lead the way in kitchen innovation, as the company becomes one of the most competitive British-made worktop providers in the global market, which pioneers solid surface seamless design and technology.

The quality and value of its unique patent-pending Wharf Seamtec® surface solutions is no longer the KBB industry’s best kept secret, fitted in countless UK kitchens up and down the country. Able to rival more mainstream options thanks to its streamlined order fulfilment process and exclusive solid construction with seamless joins, British-made Wharf Worktops finds itself at the forefront of seamless worktop innovation for the modern kitchen.

Rob Bullen, Managing Director at Wharf Worktops says, “Nowadays, the kitchen needs to be all things, to all people, at all times. This has seen consumers give new attention to supporting domestic businesses, boosting home-hygiene and reducing a home’s carbon footprint, which is why we offer British made solid surface solutions in two distinct variants: one for bespoke kitchen living projects called Seamless Select® and the second, a planet-friendly Seamless Makeover® solution that overlays existing worktops.”

“This new emphasis on kitchen living has put worktops firmly in the spotlight and that, coupled with the convergence of health and wellness in the home indicates that attractive, resilient and easy-to-clean surfaces will remain a top priority for the foreseeable future” says Rob.

10 reasons why you should choose Wharf Worktops:

1.     British company – reduced lead times and autonomy in the marketplace, able to quickly respond to market change and tailor its product range and developments to UK audiences

2.     Innovator – designer and manufacturer of high quality seamless worktops and the seamless formula is a sole product of Wharf, exclusively available through the company and its network of UK installers

3.     UK made – offering authentic product integrity to give competitive advantage on quality and price for independent retailers, fabricators and installers that want to develop a new strand to their business

4.     Streamlined order fulfilment process – from supplying worktop samples and drawings to using the latest digital technology for taking precise measurements on site, simply decide on the length and depth required and once approved, the order is ready in 10 to 12 working days for delivery and final install

5.     Inclusive service – a qualified expert will measure the dimensions of your existing worktops and refer to the Wharf technical design team, which uses the latest software to create the chosen surfaces

6.     Value for money – as average house prices reach record highs in 2021, kitchen renovations and new projects that are custom by design are in demand. Wharf’s Seamless Makeover® can be ‘installed in less that a day’, which spares high project costs and prevents excess waste going to landfill

7.     Quality checked – end to end digital process combined with outstanding craftsmanship, where every Wharf surface is rigorously tested to meet exacting standards before leaving the factory floor

8.     Wharf approved fitters – all vetted and trained by Wharf, with a large network of installers througout mainlaind UK

9.     Flexible – two design variants with Seamless Select® bespoke surface solutions and Seamless Makeover® custom-fit overlay worktops

10. Seamless – high quality, easy to specify and 100% bespoke, your customer’s worktop is designed with zero joints which means no dirt, food or liquid can collect with no sealing, painting or grouting required  

If you would like to find out more about British-made Wharf Worktops please contact the team at Wharf Worktops:


️ 01730 812 822 | ✉️ [email protected] |  www.wharfworktops.co.uk

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