Tecserv Consists of a Number of Industry Experts Looking to Offer Advice and Solutions

Tecserv Consists of a Number of Industry Experts Looking to Offer Advice and Solutions

Tecserv is a leading provider of fire prevention and security systems. The company consists of a number of industry experts looking to offer advice and solutions for a range of environments. The company was first established in 2001 and is now a popular supplier of fire protection, intruder alarm, access control and CCTV installation and maintenance. Their clients include a range o different commercial projects.

News has been announced that Sarah Smithurst MBE will be joining the team at Tecserv in order to improve their relationship with existing customers and other strategic referral partners. Sarah has a varied career and her experience of consulting and working with individuals and groups from a diverse range of background will help her immensely in her new role at Tecserv UK.

Know as the Crimestoppers Queen, Sarah has worked for the BBC and ITV presenting the Most Wanted sections as well as working with Nottingham Police. Sarah Smithurst MBE was honoured in the New Years honours list of 2012 for her work as a coordinator between Crime Stoppers and Nottingham Police. It is this role that gave her the Crimestoppers Queen title, as she was part of the launch of the anonymous Crimestoppers helpline for the public to use to report criminal activity. Before working for the police, Sarah had a sales/BD role at The Games Workshop. This wide range of work experience will allow Sarah to successfully adapt to her role and assist Tecserv with their business relations.

In her new position, Sarah will be carrying out business reviews and customer satisfaction surveys in order to explore alongside the internal departments at Tecserv UK the best ways to improve and develop. Her background means that Sarah is skilled at negotiation, another reason why she will no doubt be very successful in this new role.


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