Statistics Indicate that Agencies Make Use of Rising House markets to Surprising Heights

Statistics Indicate that Agencies Make Use of Rising House markets to Surprising Heights

One of the most well-respected and reputed estate agencies that operate on an online basis, known as eMoov, have reported the alarming rates in which estate agencies all over the country have been using the increased housing price to their advantage by increasing their service tariffs. This indicates that these agencies have actually been making extortionate amounts of money that are indeed far greater than those earned by more necessary professions, such as medical doctors. Indeed, the figures and statistics compiled by eMoov actually indicate that some estate agents in this country could in fact be earning sums amounting to 19 times the wages normally earned by doctors operating in the free medical sector of the country that is the NHS.

One of the disgraceful finds of the statistics compiled and released by eMoov was that some high-end estate agencies in this country have been earning sums that amount to £815 an hour, a disgracefully staggering amount of money that makes a ridicule of the wages earned by the average medical professional working for our National Health Service, who on average is paid approximately a total of £42.50 an hour. The report by eMoov also reported that even in the private sector, where medical professionals are frequently paid larger amounts of money than the average doctor working for the National Health Service, their figures were staggeringly smaller than the amount that could currently be earned by an estate agent currently operating near you.

As Russell Quirk of eMoov explains, it is an inevitable consequence of the staggering rise in housing prices in this country that in turn increases the commission fees of estate agencies across the land. Yet even having said this, it is undoubtedly a shocking fact that some could be earning up to 19 times more than the medically qualified professionals and orderlies who help to keep our population in good health.



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