Skillcrown Win a Development Deal With Sutton Housing Society

Skillcrown Win a Development Deal With Sutton Housing Society

The sleepy town of Wallington located in the London borough of Sutton will receive a brand new and noisy wake-up call what with the arrival of a further development scheme to increase its housing population, particularly for the older generations of this country. A grand total of 23 brand new residential flats will be built on a location already governed by the Sutton Housing Society to allow for the implementation of more residential potential for those in the community aged over 55 years of age.

This is good news for Skillcrown as it will no doubt cement their reputation as a reliable and oft-used service in the Sutton area, having been commissioned before on several other schemes in the community with the Sutton Housing Society. Indeed, Mister Chris Turton the Chief Executive Officer of the SHS is delighted to have ensured the relatively easy transition to allow Skillcrown to begin plans to start work on the site. Similarly, Mister Kevin Clark one of the directors of Skillcrown, is very pleased to be working in and around the same borough yet again, and plans for the company to seize the land development assets had been in development since the fall of 2016. This is a good sign for the ongoing progress of Skillcrown, who are used to working in and around the boroughs surrounding the City of London, including parts of Southwark and Croydon in Surrey.

Having been in operation since the 1990s, Skillcrown are clearly in a good situation to continue to prosper and develop better and more sustainable properties in and around the London area. This particular project is in conjunction with the Sutton Housing Council and is set to have been finished by the late fall of the year 2018, and it is hoped by both companies that the development will be a success for all of those concerned.


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